Toyota forklift maintenance reset

.Do you need to reset the service interval on your Toyota forklift?  Read below to learn how to easily reset the service interval after you perform preventative maintenance on your Toyota forklift.

Q: How do I reset the maintenance hour meter on a Toyota forklift?

A: In order to reset the maintenance hour meter on a Toyota forklift, an administrative password must first be entered in order to reach the administrator menu normally inaccessible to general operators. From this menu, the maintenance hour meter can be set.

In order to complete these steps, certain combinations must be entered in the dashboard display shown below. For reference during these instructions, the four buttons used have been labeled A through D. It may help to familiarize yourself with these instructions before attempting to complete the procedure.Dash Labeled

Entering the administrative password:


1. Press and hold buttons B and D simultaneously for 2 seconds. A short beep should sound both at the beginning of the 2 seconds and after 2 seconds has passed.


2. Press button C within 10 seconds. Another beep should sound. Repeat this by pressing button C once more within 10 seconds, hearing again a short beep.


3. Within 10 seconds, press and hold buttons B and D simultaneously for 2 seconds. Like before, a short beep sounds when B and D are first pressed, but now after 2 seconds, repeated short beeps sound. The administrator menu should be displayed.Toyota Dash 2

Shown above is an example of how the administrator menu might look. To navigate the menu, button A moves down a  list of settings, buttons B and C move from list to list of settings, and button D selects a setting and moves to its individual screen.


Resetting the maintenance hour meter:


1. Locate the setting “MAINTENANCE HR” and use button D to select it. It should look similar to the menu below.Toyota Dash 3


2. To set the time for the maintenance hour meter, buttons A through D have certain functions. Holding Button A for more than 2 seconds resets the current value selected to 0. Button B reduces the set time for the meter, Button C increases the set time for the meter, and Button D returns to the administrator menu screen.

NOTE: Time can be set in 10-hour increments from 10 to 200 hours, then in 50-hour increments from 200 to 2000 hours. It cannot be set below 10 or above 2000 hours.


Locking the operator setting menu (DX model only):


1. Locate the setting “MENU LOCK” and use button D to select it.


2. Locking this menu limits the setting values that can be changed by general operators. Setting to “YES” will prevent the display of the setting menu for an operator. Button B selects “YES,” Button C selects “NO,” and Button D returns to the administrator menu screen.

For further reading, we also offer our article on how to perform basic forklift maintenance.

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