Hour meters from the past

clock forklift hour meter

Here’s something we recently stumbled on– an ancient clock style forklift hour meter.  We found this one on an old Hyster forklift. Curious how to read old hour meters like this one?  Check out the photo below for instructions.   From the instructions, it appears our hour meter reads 1,753 hours.  Check it out!

In case you wondered, we don’t sell these old style meters.  They’re most likely found in museums these days.  Hour meters are important, however.  They allow you to keep track of how long the forklift has been in operation, how long since the last oil filter changed or maintenance interval, and gives you a good idea how much the forklift has been used.

Our forklift hour meters are pretty universal.  They fit in nearly any dash opening and can be used for any forklift or for that matter piece of equipment with an input voltage of 8-80 volts DC.

Instructions on reading hour meters

Click the image below for a larger version.

How to read clock style hour meters

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