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SIS Easy forklift pedestrian safety system

SIS SISEASY SIS Easy forklift pedestrian safety system
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SIS system Forklifts and pedestrians don't mix!  Forklift/pedestrians are a leading cause of workplace injuries each year. The SIS Easy system  is the most advanced maneuvering system you can find on the market today.   SIS Easy warns the driver with a visual signal and 85 decibel buzzer.  The SIS Easy system simplifies the daily work of the forklift driver who operates in tight spaces.  Works well indoors or outdoors. How does it work? The patented ultrasonic sensor (CySens) detects the distance of approaching obstacles such as people, objects, or structures.  The MiniMind display (typically mounted on a leg of the overhead guard in the drivers line of sight) dynamically warns the driver with vidual and acoustic alerts.  The buzzer sound becomes more intense as obstacles get closer. Easy configuration Three different configurations are preset so that you can select the one which fits you best.  Configuration does not require additional software or programming tools. The user can select the configuration which fits the needs of their application. Setup number 1: 1-2 meter depth Setup number 2:  1.5 - 2.5 meter depth Setup number 2:  2.0 - 3.5 meter depth Easy installation.  The SIS system operates independent from the lift truck operations.  SIS Easy does not affect truck speed or interfere with the operation of the forklift.  It simply detects objects and sounds an alarm. Made in Italy from top quality components.  12 month warranty,

Part supplied is an aftermarket item.

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