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LED work lamp round 10-80 volts DC

PARKER HANNIFIN 89352002 LED work lamp round 10-80 volts DC
Code: 89352002
Retail Price: $77.00
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Shipping Weight: 4.30 pounds
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As always in any workplace environment, safety is key.
Using a LED work lamp can help prevent forklift/pedestrian collisions.

This particular model has a circular frame and has a stainless steel bracket.

Diameter: 116mm (4.5 inches)
Height with bracket: 138mm (5.4 inches)

Technical Information:
10-80 Volts
24 Watts
Cable 45cm (17.7in)
Weight 1.35lbs

There are 8 LED light bulbs inside the work lamp.

Why LED?
As we know LED lights are not exactly a NEW trend anymore, but they are still the BETTER choice for many reasons. LED lights are highly energy efficient. The bulbs produce less heat, create more light and cost less to run.

The round LED work lamp is 100% waterproof.

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