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Kalmar Forklift: Replacement & Aftermarket Parts

Intella can supply any Kalmar reach stacker part you need. We stock thousands of parts in our Holland, Michigan warehouse. Browse our catalog, call us at 616-796-6638, email us or connect via our online chat if you need help.

Kalmar heavy duty lift trucks are popular in ports, steel operations, lumber, and timber applications.

Intella can supply Kalmar reach stackerparts! The Kalmar DRF series is assembled in Sweden and seen at ports around the world. In 2010 Kalmar announced that they had sold over 6,000 reach stackers worldwide which isn’t surprising given their reliability.

All that's great trivia but if you’re finding this page you likely are looking for a competitive alternative to expensive OEM Kalmar lift truck parts. Intella is your source! We can supply Kalmar lift truck parts and Kalmar reach stacker parts at competitive prices. Contact Intella, a pioneer in forklift parts supply at 616-796-6638 if you want to discuss your needs or scroll below to see what we can offer.

Interested about Kalmar history?

Here are some interesting dates in their history.

  • 1951: first forklift truck leaves workshop in Lidhult, Sweden.
  • 1959: company exports forklifts for the first time
  • 1986: Kalmar takes over English company Conventry Climax
  • 1987: Product of the first reach stacker
  • 2000: Kalmar taken over by Partek, Finnish holding company.
  • 2002: KONE acquires Partek
  • 2004: After a demerger Kalmar, Hiab, and MacGREGOR formed Cargotec

How to order Kalmar reach stacker parts from Intella:

If you know the part number already, simply enter it in the search box on the upper right of this screen. You can add it to the cart and continue the checkout process.

If you don't know the part number, contact us with the Model and serial number of your Kalmar forklift, reach stacker, top pick, container handler, etc. Check out the photo of the serial number plate / data tag here.

Many Kalmar part numbers are stamped on the component itself. If you can find a Kalmar lift truck part number on the component itself, let us know that part number, even if you're looking for a repair kit for that component. Example: you need a cylinder seal kit, the cylinder will have a part number on it. Even if you don't know the part number of the seal kit, give us the information you have so we can get you the correct part.

Kalmar lift truck part numbers come in many styles, lengths, and formats.

Shorties: some part numbers are real short, only 4 or 5 digits like this: 2563

  • 9 digit 6 plus 4 numbers with decimal: pretty common, these will look like this 256098.0100 Important note! Sometimes Kalmar will present those part numbers as 6+3 digits. The above number might be stamped on a component like this: 256098.100 Add the extra 0 and then search the part on our site.
  • 9 digit no decimal: like this: 804106926

  • Part numbers that start with letters:

    • J numbers: 7 digit number, starts with the letter J. Like this: J022956
    • K numbers: various length, starts with the letter K. Like this: K3204025H
    • N numbers: various length, starts with the letter N. Like this: N3300541H
    • T numbers: usually 9 digits, start with T like this: T5643060

    Kalmar Forklift: Replacement & Aftermarket Parts

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