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Steer axle parts

Broken steer axle? Fear not, Intella's got what you need. Spindles, tie rods, dog bones, bushings, bearings, you name it, we have it. We also offer completely remanufactured steer axles for forklifts, call us for more information on this option

Forklift steer axles often take the most abuse from drivers. Got a broken spindle, broken tie rod end? Often steer axles break from overloading the forklift. How so you ask? Drivers will overload the forklift causing the forklift to tip upwards. When the forklift comes down to the ground, all that weight exerts a great deal of weight on the steer axle components.

If you are repeatedly replacing certain forklift steer axle components, check how the forklift is being used at your facility. It's possible that drivers are overloading the forklift.

Our forklift steering parts are manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications.

Steer axle parts

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