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Cat Lift Truck parts

Intella Parts offers a broad range of Caterpillar forklift parts. Whether you are looking to some general maintenance, quick fix or a time consuming rebuild, we have what you need to get your Caterpillar lift truck back up and running. We stock air and fuel filters, replacement light bulbs, master brake cylinders, hydraulic pumps and so much more. Our shipping is quick and most of the time same day for stocked items.

When searching for Cat forklift parts online you can enter them with or without dashes.

Caterpillar forklift part numbers come in two different varieties:

  • Legacy Caterpillar part numbers for forklifts built before 1992 Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift will be 6 digits long, frequently with letters in the 2nd position such as this: 2W4246
  • Caterpillar forklift parts for forklifts built since 1992 will be the same as Mitsubishi part numbers. They follow a 10 digit format like this: 91446-10700 or this: 91A32-10000

What is now the Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA) was first established in 1918 as the Towmotor Manufacturing Company by Lester M. Sears. In 1933, Towmotor began production of its first forklift truck, and by 1956 it had acquired the Gerlinger Carrier Company and become the largest forklift manufacturer in the world. It was known for its diversity and innovation, offering 37 different models of forklifts and being the first manufacturer to use hydrostatic transmission (called Towmostatic) on its trucks.

In 1964 it also introduced a four-piece mast called the quadmast, never before seen in the forklift industry. From 1965 to 1992, the company underwent multiple ownership changes. It was first bought out entirely by the Caterpillar Tractor Company, founded in 1890 by Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best to produce farming tractors. It was purchased in 1992 in part by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to create the MCFA. Production for Caterpillar is currently based in Texas and the Japan.

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Cat Lift Truck parts

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