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We offer great pricing and quick shipping. Count on Intella as a great supplier of transmission and wet brake discs for all types of off highway equipment.

We offer transmission discs for most brands of forklifts and construction equipment, including Komatsu.

Our transmission discs come in a variety of dimensions and materials and are precision engineered in state of the art production facilities. Each item we offer includes the following information:

  • Disc dimension
  • Material (steel, paper, etc)
  • Number of teeth
  • Grove details (waffle, 3 pass, 2 pass, etc)

Komatsu has been around for 95 years now, originally getting their start in the mining business. Along with mining, Komatsu now manufactures construction equipment, industrial equipment, and even military equipment. Komatsu ranks second for the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment with operations in North America, South America, Japan, Asia, and Europe.

Komatsu Transmission Discs

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