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Load Wheels - HYSTER

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Though there are many important parts and components to your Hyster pallet jack, perhaps none are as crucial to its daily operation as your Hyster load wheels. Malfunctioning pallet jack wheels can seriously delay the day's work, and small problems can balloon into costly repairs and lost revenue. Intella Parts stocks and quickly ships aftermarket Hyster forklift wheels and parts, so you don't need to worry about a lengthy downtime on the job.

Load wheels on pallet jacks are designed to bear the majority of the weight that the unit is carrying. Unlike drive tires on the body of a counterbalanced forklift, pallet jack load wheels are prone to compressing, overheating, and accumulating dirt and debris that accelerates their breakdown. Make sure you take care of your load wheels by following these important steps:

If you are having a hard time turning your forklift's steering wheel, don't ignore this warning — even if it costs you some time off the job. A broken or damaged forklift can get worse over time. You may only have trouble turning the forklift around the corner today, but you might eventually have to deal with a completely broken Hyster steer axle and pay a steep fee for your forklift's repair. Pay close attention to any other signs from your forklift such as engine noises and leaking fluid. We carry the widest selection of Hyster steer axle parts to keep your equipment moving, such as:

  • Take your equipment in for regular maintenance.
  • Perform regular checks of your load wheels by yourself. Drivers should inspect the wheels at the beginning of every shift.
  • Immediately address any minor problems and replace a damaged load wheel before it becomes a bigger issue for the entire forklift (or the load you're planning to transport).

If you are concerned that your load wheel is faulty, check your pallet jack for signs that this is the case. You may notice problems steering or turning your pallet jack or reach truck, or you may see visible damage to your load wheel. Your machine might need a load wheel or two, a load wheel axle, a pivot pin, or new bearings to connect the load wheels to their axle.

At Intella, our commitment to the three pillars of quality, safety and customer support makes us the go-to vendor for forklift repair parts. Browse our online catalog with over 6 million records, or get in contact with a customer support representative today by calling 616-796-6638.

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Load Wheels - HYSTER

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