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Safespot Forklift Pedestrian Alert System

INTELLA SAFESPOT Safespot Forklift Pedestrian Alert System
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The new wireless collision avoidance system, SafeSpotTM, reduces accidents in the workplace. Forklift accidents cost an estimated $3.7 billion per year in the U.S. and are the cause of 20,000 serious injuries including 100 deaths. SafeSpotTM is a simple, inexpensive solution that increases safety while ensuring OSHA compliance.


  • Distinguishes between people & forklifts

  • Reduces false positives

  • Increases warning time

  • Installs easily

  • Requires low maintenance

  • Eliminates the need for workers to wear tags

  • Non-line of sight sensors immune to visual blocking from loads

  • Works in blind spots and around corners

  • Strong return on investment

The manufacturing, industrial, and warehousing industries rely on forklifts to improve productivity and reduce the need for excessive manual handling of goods and objects by employees.  However, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are approximately 100 fatalities and 20,000 serious injuries each year in the United States as a result of forklift accidents. Almost 80% of these accidents involve a pedestrian. These accidents cause substantial property damage, disrupt business operations, and result in worker compensation claims, costing companies millions of dollars in losses. Specifically, average cost to a company for a forklift accident is $184,000 in medical expenses, lost productivity, legal liability fees, and OSHA compliance costs.

To mitigate these risks, many companies have installed collision detection systems intended to compensate for driver errors and reduce costs associated with accidents. Shortfalls of these systems include expense, complexity of operation, susceptibility to industrial environment, and worker non-compliance.

Kit includes 2 sensors (mount on rack uprights), LED light, and one forklift tag.  Custom solutions available--email or call us 616-796-1288  for information.
Safespot Forklift Pedestrian Alert System

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