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Genie 66412 Charger 120vAC / 60Hz 25A 24V

GENIE Genie-66412 Genie 66412 Charger 120vAC / 60Hz 25A 24V
Code: Genie-66412
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Intella Liftparts | 00589346585

Replaces Genie 66412 battery charger
Self-regulating charger

This charger is self-regulating with a minimum of moving parts, designed for long, trouble-free service. Built-in line voltage compensation produces a consistent output when the AC supply voltage varies by as much as 10% from nominal. The charger utilizes convection cooling which maximizes the reliability and minimizes maintenance costs.

Replaces part numbers:

Genie 66412


Height: 7.94 inches / 202 mm
Width: 8.5 inches / 216 mm
Depth: 11.88 inches / 302 mm
Weight: 31 lbs

Parts Included:

6.5 inch / 165 mm AC cord.
11 ft / 3.3 m (black); 13 ft / 4 m (red) DC cord, with ring connectors.

Features a low voltage start switch (can help to improve long-term battery life).
Features ampere meter that ranges from 0-30 with read outs every 10 units.

Electrical Specifications:

AC Input: 120 Volts, 60 Hz, single-phase, 9 amps
DC Output: 24 Volts, 25 amps
Designed to charge ONLY liquid electrolyte (wet) lead acid batters, to ensure superior battery performance and life.
Electronic circuit turns the charger on and off automatically.
When the battery has reached its maximum state of charge, the circuitry will turn the charger off.

Used on the following Genie aerial platform models:

GS-1530, GS-1930, GS-2032, GS-2632
GS-2046, GS-2646, GS-3232, GS-3246

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