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HYSTER 1330920 Forklift no rider decal HYSTER 1330920 sticker
Code: 1330920
Retail Price: $5.10
Price: $6.26
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DECAL Intella part number 04062802

Replacement for HYSTER Forklift parts number 1330920

This is the universal "no rider" decal that is required on forklifts of all types. Stick this bad boy on your mast and sleep well knowing your employees are safe. Are you anti-car pooling? What's with the HOV lane anyway? Not only can these be used for forklifts, they're perfect for sticking on the passenger side of your car. Make sure other parents understand that you won't be car pooling their snot nosed kid!

Also replaces
Hyster 327030 339828
Doosan A152117 A200654 A211698 1017330
Cat 97E8100500
Nissan NF97E8100500
Mitsubishi forklift 97E8100500

Used on the following Hyster models:
Model Serial Code  Key
H40XL C177
H50XL C177
H60XL C177
H165XL D007
H190XL D007
H210XL D007
H230XL D007
H250XL D007
H280XL D007
H300XL C019
H330XL C019
H330XL-EC C019
H360XL C019
H360XL-EC C019
E25XM D114
E30XM D114
E35XM D114
E40XL C108
E40XMS D114
E45XM F108
E50XL C108
E50XM F108
E55XM F108
E60XL C108
E60XM F108
E65XM F108
H100XL G005
H110XL G005
H135XL F006
H155XL F006
H165XL E007
H190XL E007
H210XL E007
H230XL E007
H250XL E007
H25XM D001
H280XL E007
H300XL D019
H30XM D001
H330XL D019
H330XL-EC D019
H35XM D001
H360XL D019
H360XL-EC D019
H40XMS D001
H440FS E008
H45XM D177
H50XM D177
H550F E008
H550FS E008
H55XM D177
H60XM D177
H620F E008
H620FS E008
H650F E008
H65XM D177
H700F E008
H700FS E008
H70XL G005
H80XL G005
H90XL G005
J25B B160
J30B B160
J30XMT C160
J35B B160
J35XMT C160
J40XL B168
J40XM A216
J40XMT C160
J50XL B168
J50XM A216
J60XL B168
J60XM A216
N30XMH C210
R40EH C176
S100XL D004
S110XL D004
S120XL D004
S120XLS D004
S135XL B024
S155XL B024
S40XL B187
S40XL C187
S40XM D187
S45XM D187
S50XL B187
S50XL C187
S50XM D187
S55XM D187
S55XMS D187
S60XL B187
S60XL C187
S60XM D187
S65XM D187
S70XL D004
S80XL D004
S80XL-BCS D004
E25XM D114
E30XM D114
E35XM D114
E40XMS D114
E45XM F108
E50XM F108
E55XM F108
E60XM F108
E65XM F108
H100XM K005
H1050CH C117
H110XM K005
H120XM K005
H25XM D001
H30XM D001
H35XM D001
H40XMS D001
H45XM H177
H50XM H177
H55XM H177
H60XM H177
H65XM H177
H70XM K005
H800C C117
H80XM K005
H880C C117
H90XM K005
H970C C117
S100XM E004
S100XMBCS E004
S120XM E004
S120XMS E004
S3.50XM E004
S4.00XM E004
S4.50XM E004
S5.50XM E004
S70XM E004
S80XM E004
S25XM C010
S30XM C010
S35XM C010
S40XM C010
E100XL C098
E100XLS C098
E120XL C098
E70XL C098
E80XL C098

2.5" WIDE X 3" TALL

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