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    STEERING KNOB KIT 04945-20080
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    • Code: 04945-20080
      STEERING KNOB KIT 04945-20080

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    STEERING KNOB KIT Replacement for Toyota Forklift parts number 0494520080

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    Used on following models:

    Production PeriodModel CodeModels(Description)Series Code
    9812-40-3FG7 * [W/KNOB]G120
    9812-40-3FG9 * [W/KNOB]G120
    9812-3FB7 *G244
    9812-3FB9 *G244
    9908-40-7FB15 *G248
    9908-40-7FB20 *G248
    9908-40-7FB25 *G248
    9908-7FB10 *G248
    9908-7FB14 *G248
    9908-7FB15 *G248
    9908-7FB18 *G248
    9908-7FB20 *G248
    9908-7FB25 *G248
    9908-7FB30 *G248
    9908-7FBH10 *G248
    9908-7FBH14 *G248
    9908-7FBH15 *G248
    9908-7FBH18 *G248
    9908-7FBH20 *G248
    9908-7FBH25 *G248
    9908-7FBJ35 *G248
    0301-7FBE10 *G249
    0301-7FBE13 *G249
    0301-7FBE15 *G249
    0301-7FBE18 *G249
    0301-7FBE20 *G249
    9812-07105FD50 *G315
    9812-07105FD60 *G315
    9812-07105FD70 *G315
    9812-07105FDM60 *G315
    9812-07105FDM70 *G315
    9812-07105FG50 *G315
    9812-07105FG60 *G315
    9812-071060-5FD80 *G315
    9812-02-7FD35 *G321
    9812-02-7FD35 *G321
    9812-02-7FD40 *G321
    9812-02-7FD40 *G321
    9812-02-7FD45 *G321
    9812-02-7FD45 *G321
    9812-02-7FDA50 *G321
    9812-02-7FDA50 *G321
    9812-02-7FDK40 *G321
    9812-02-7FDK40 *G321
    9812-02-7FG35 *G321
    9812-02-7FG35 *G321
    9812-02-7FG40 *G321
    9812-02-7FG40 *G321
    9812-02-7FG45 *G321
    9812-02-7FG45 *G321
    9812-02-7FGA50 *G321
    9812-02-7FGA50 *G321
    9812-02-7FGK40 *G321
    9812-02-7FGK40 *G321
    9812-42-7FD35 *G321
    9812-42-7FD35 *G321
    9812-42-7FD40 *G321
    9812-42-7FD40 *G321
    9812-42-7FD45 *G321
    9812-42-7FD45 *G321
    9812-42-7FDA50 *G321
    9812-42-7FDA50 *G321
    9812-42-7FDK40 *G321
    9812-42-7FDK40 *G321
    9812-7FD35 *G321
    9812-7FD35 *G321
    9812-7FD40 *G321
    9812-7FD40 *G321
    9812-7FD45 *G321
    9812-7FD45 *G321
    9812-7FDK40 *G321
    9812-7FDK40 *G321
    9812-7FG35 *G321
    9812-7FG35 *G321
    9812-7FG40 *G321
    9812-7FG40 *G321
    9812-7FG45 *G321
    9812-7FG45 *G321
    9812-7FGK40 *G321
    9812-7FGK40 *G321
    0208-7FBMF16 *G842
    0208-7FBMF18 *G842
    0208-7FBMF20 *G842
    0208-7FBMF25 *G842
    0208-7FBMF30 *G842
    0208-7FBMF35 *G842
    0208-7FBMF40 *G843
    0208-7FBMF45 *G843
    0208-7FBMF50 *G843
    0408-4FD150 *G323
    0408-4FD180 *G323
    0408-4FD200 *G323
    0408-4FD230 *G323
    0408-4FD240 *G323
    0910-4FD150 150,180,200,230,240 (U.S.A..STEERING KNOB)G323
    0910-4FD180 150,180,200,230,240 (U.S.A..STEERING KNOB)G323
    0910-4FD200 150,180,200,230,240 (U.S.A..STEERING KNOB)G323
    0910-4FD230 150,180,200,230,240 (U.S.A..STEERING KNOB)G323
    0910-4FD240 150,180,200,230,240 (U.S.A..STEERING KNOB)G323
    0408-4FD100 *G324
    0408-4FD115 *G324
    0408-4FD120 *G324
    0408-4FD135 *G324
    0408-4FDK150 *G324
    0408-4FDK160 *G324
    0408-50-4FD100 *G324
    0408-50-4FD115 *G324
    0408-50-4FD120 *G324
    0408-50-4FD135 *G324
    0408-50-4FDK150 *G324
    0408-50-4FDK160 *G324
    9808-060902-7FD10 *G121
    9808-060902-7FD15 *G121
    9808-060902-7FD18 *G121
    9808-060902-7FD20 *G121
    9808-060902-7FD25 *G121
    9808-060902-7FD30 *G121
    9808-060902-7FDJ35 *G121
    9808-060902-7FDK20 *G121
    9808-060902-7FDK25 *G121
    9808-060902-7FDK30 *G121
    9808-060902-7FG10 *G121
    9808-060902-7FG15 *G121
    9808-060902-7FG20 *G121
    9808-060902-7FG25 *G121
    9808-060902-7FG30 *G121
    9808-060902-7FGJ35 *G121
    9808-060902-7FGK20 *G121
    9808-060902-7FGK25 *G121
    9808-060902-7FGK30 *G121
    9808-060940-7FG15 *G121
    9808-060940-7FG20 *G121
    9808-060940-7FG23 *G121
    9808-060940-7FG25 *G121
    9808-060940-7FGK20 *G121
    9808-060940-7FGK25 *G121
    9808-060942-7FG15 *G121
    9808-060942-7FG18 *G121
    9808-060942-7FG20 *G121
    9808-060942-7FG25 *G121
    9808-060942-7FGK20 *G121
    9808-060942-7FGK25 *G121
    9808-060960-7FD20 *G121
    9808-060960-7FD25 *G121
    9808-060960-7FD30 *G121
    9808-060962-7FD20 *G121
    9808-060962-7FD25 *G121
    9808-060962-7FD30 *G121
    9808-06097FD10 *G121
    9808-06097FD15 *G121
    9808-06097FD20 *G121
    9808-06097FD25 *G121
    9808-06097FD30 *G121
    9808-06097FDJ35 *G121
    9808-06097FDK20 *G121
    9808-06097FDK25 *G121
    9808-06097FDK30 *G121
    9808-06097FG10 *G121
    9808-06097FG15 *G121
    9808-06097FG20 *G121
    9808-06097FG25 *G121
    9808-06097FG30 *G121
    9808-06097FGJ35 *G121
    9808-06097FGK20 *G121
    9808-06097FGK25 *G121
    9808-06097FGK30 *G121
    9812-04093FD100 *G317
    9812-04093FD115 *G317
    9812-04093FD135 *G317
    9812-04093FDE150 *G317
    9812-0409 3FDE160 *
    9905-0607FBESF10 *G827
    9905-0607FBESF12 *G827
    9905-0607FBESF15 *G827
    9905-0302FBMF16 *G828
    9905-0302FBMF20 *G829
    9905-0302FBMF25 *G829
    9905-0302FBMF30 *G830
    9906-070802-7FDF15 *G836
    9906-070802-7FDF18 *G836
    9906-070802-7FDF20 *G836
    9906-070802-7FDF25 *G836
    9906-070802-7FDF30 *G836
    9906-070802-7FDJF35 *G836
    9906-070802-7FGF30 *G836
    9906-070802-7FGJF35 *G836
    9906-070842-7FGF15 *G836
    9906-070842-7FGF18 *G836
    9906-070842-7FGF20 *G836
    9906-070842-7FGF25 *G836
    9906-070862-7FDF20 *G836
    9906-070862-7FDF25 *G836
    9906-070862-7FDF30 *G836
    0304-09127FBEF13 *G845
    0304-09127FBEF15 *G845
    0304-09127FBEF16 *G845
    0304-09127FBEF18 *G845
    0304-09127FBEF20 *G845
    0301-060902-7FDN15 *G847
    0301-060902-7FDN20 *G847
    0301-060902-7FDN25 *G847
    0301-060902-7FDN30 *G847
    0301-060902-7FGN30 *G847
    0301-060940-7FGN15 *G847
    0301-060940-7FGN20 *G847
    0301-060940-7FGN25 *G847
    0301-060942-7FGN15 *G847
    0301-060942-7FGN20 *G847
    0301-060942-7FGN25 *G847
    0301-060960-7FDN20 *G847
    0301-060960-7FDN25 *G847
    0301-060960-7FDN30 *G847
    0301-060962-7FDN20 *G847
    0301-060962-7FDN25 *G847
    0301-060962-7FDN30 *G847
    0301-06097FDN15 *G847
    0301-06097FDN20 *G847
    0301-06097FDN25 *G847
    0301-06097FDN30 *G847
    0301-06097FGN30 *G847
    9812-990820-6FB10 *G239
    9812-990820-6FB14 *G239
    9812-990820-6FB15 *G239
    9812-990820-6FB18 *G239
    9812-990830-6FB10 *G239
    9812-990830-6FB14 *G239
    9812-990830-6FB15 *G239
    9812-990830-6FB18 *G239
    9812-990840-6FB15 *G239
    9812-99086FB10 *G239
    9812-99086FB14 *G239
    9812-99086FB15 *G239
    9812-99086FB18 *G239
    9812-990830-6FB20 *G240
    9812-990830-6FB25 *G240
    9812-990840-6FB20 *G240
    9812-990840-6FB25 *G240
    9812-99086FB20 *G240
    9812-99086FB25 *G240
    9812-990 30-6FB30 *G241
    9812-99086FB30 *G241

    We want to make sure you order and receive the right part to fix your forklift. Please review the return policy before and click the box on the prior screen before ordering. If you have any questions at all, please call us 616-796-6638; we can help ensure you order the correct electronic part for your forklift.

    To start a return we will need your email, order number, part number and reason for return. Please email us with this information to begin the return process.

    If you click on the box you recognize:

    • All electrical parts/components are subject to internal damage that may be apparent or tested for. Such damage can be the result of improper handling/installation or subjecting the part to adverse environmental conditions (heat, static electricity). For this reason, all electrical parts/components are NON RETURNABLE.
    • On items that are eligible for return, return authorization is mandatory before returning product to our warehouse.
    • Returns must be made within (30) days of you receiving an order and by prior approval. Parts must be returned within 7 days of receiving authorization to return a part.
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    • Restocking fee is 25%.
    • Package items to protect the original factory packaging so that they arrive here in perfect condition to be put back in inventory as new merchandise.
    • Refunds for shipping charges will only be if we shipped the wrong merchandise.
    • Special order items that we do not stock are not returnable.
    • Paint is non returnable
    • Gasket sets are also non returnable once they have been opened.
    • All electrical parts/components are subject to internal damage that may be apparent or tested for. Such damage can be the result of improper handling/installation or subjecting the part to adverse environmental conditions (heat, static electricity). For this reason, all electrical parts/components are NON RETURNABLE.
    • Once any item has been installed or used it is not returnable for a refund, and can only be exchanged under our warranty policy

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