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INTELLA 0051039100 Intella 0051039100 | FORKLIFT SECURITY KEYPAD
Code: 0051039100
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Key Pad Programmable
Prevents unauthorized operation of vehicle.


Expanded Voltage Range - 12 to 90VDC.

Expanded User Capability - Can be progammed for up to 99 users. After installation, it requires entry of a two-digit user number and valid four-digit access code before the vehicle or equipment can be operated. All user codes can be reprogrammed and unused user numbers can be temporarily disabled for additional security.

Last User Identification - Can identify to the supervisor the user number of the last user of a vehicle.

Automatic Shut-0ff - Detects vehicle activity. If the vehicle has been inactive beyond a specifìed period of time, the switch will deactivate securing the vehicle. This feature is optional and can be activated or deactivated as desired.

Maintenance Alert - Can accumulate vehicle usage time and provide audible and visible signals indicating when vehicle maintenance is due. After maintenance is performed, the cycle can be reset as desired. This feature is optional and can be activated or deactivated by supervisor.

Accumulated Time - Can accumulate total vehicle usage time. This accumulated time can be accessed through the Supervisor Code.

The supervisor's access code can be changed using the factory progammed reset code.

Installation only requires 4-5 wires to connect.


Case: ABS plastic, 5 3/16" H x 2 13/16" W x 1.0" D. Two (2) 3/16" mounting holes, 4 13/16" center to center

Keypad: Contacts internally sealed, moisture resistant

Voltage: Input range 12-90VDC

Current: Less than 30 mA with unit inactive; less than 90 mA with unit active.

0utput: Contact rating up to 10A maximum through 48V. Maximum 1A contact rating above 48V. For loads greaterthan 104 use external relay.

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