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About Intella

Welcome to Intella Parts--we supply aftermarket parts, replacement parts and add-on accessories parts for forklifts, aerial work platforms, and a variety of other types of industrial equipment, including top forklift brands like Hyster, Toyota, Clark, Crown, Caterpillar and many more. Additionally, we offer a full lineup of joysticks & controllers for a variety of aerial equipment, including JLG, Upright, Terex, and others.

My name is Marcel VandenTop and I started Intella Parts in 2007 with my business partners from VanGent Forklift Parts based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I got my start in the forklift parts business back in 1987 working for an aftermarket parts company called Rapidparts in Grand Rapids Michigan. I worked there during high school and college, first in the warehouse, then in purchasing, finally once I graduated college in outside sales. I was tired of traveling so I took a job as general parts manager at Alta Equipment, a large Yale dealer based in Wixom, Michigan. Back in 1987, I met the founders and owners of VanGent Forklift Parts, John and Marijke Heijnen. I always kept in contact with the Heijnen's and when they told me they were interested in starting a USA subsidiary in 2007, I jumped at the chance.

What makes Intella different?

We stock parts! We're a real brick and mortar company with a real warehouse with real parts in it. We're not a drop shipper working out of our house!

Our main office is in Holland, Michigan, on the west side of Michigan, on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. This is our main stocking location. We also stock forklift forks in Las Vegas, NV. We carry over $3.0 million in inventory for a variety of forklift parts brands.

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Our customer service is top notch

Each of our customer service representatives has years of experience in the forklift parts business. If you need help trying to figure out which part to order, give us a call or send us an email. We promise to quickly answer your question.

Our website is a secure and safe way to place orders

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We sell only top quality parts

Our qualIty control department ensures that the forklift parts we supply meet or exceed industry specifications. When it comes to aftermarket parts, there are hundreds of suppliers around the world. In our line of work, it's very important to know where to buy parts from. Who manufacturers a particular item, who makes the entire assembly, where to source it from, etc. But even more important than that is knowing who NOT to buy from. Our parent company VanGent Forklift Parts has been in business since the late 1960s. We have years of forklift parts buying experience and we know which suppliers to avoid.

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We are direct importers and buy from manufacturers around the world

This is a huge advantage we have over other random companies who've set up websites on line. Our buyers literally travel the world inspecting supplier manufacturing sites and looking for new suppliers. We buy forklift parts all around the world from places like The United States, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, and many others. Buying direct helps our prices but it also helps if we have an issue with a part. If we want a part manufactured differently, we can make that change happen with our direct relationships with manufacturers.

We manufacturer our own Alligator Forklift Jack as well as a wide range of tilt and lift cylinders

In the 1960s when VanGent Forklift Parts was started, there were no off-shore suppliers of forklift parts. If you didn't like the way a part was made or you found that the original manufacturer was not willing to sell to you, you ended up making the part yourself. Our sister company Inparts BV was formed to manufacture forklift parts. Today, Inparts focuses on manufacturing the Alligator Forklift jack and a range of tilt and lift cylinders. Our quality must be good--we manufacture direct to several different forklift OEMs.

Our cross reference database of forklift parts contains over 5.0 million records

Maybe you need a part for an obsolete or discontinued forklift. There's a good chance we have a record of where to buy the part from even if we might not stock it today. We started working on this database back in the 1970s and we've never deleted a single record. Try us especially for parts for older Hyster forklift models like these: S50E, H50E, Y40E, H20E, S50B, H50F, H60B, E60B, J40XL, S80E, S100E, H50H, H50J and many others.  Of course, we have parts for the newer models too such as S50FT, H50FT, H155FT, and more!

We are the best at sourcing parts from Europe

Isn't it crazy how you can hop on an airplane tonight and be in Europe tomorrow--but the part for your European forklift like Linde, BT, Jungheinrich will take over 2 weeks to arrive from Europe! It's crazy--and there's no reason for it.

We fly parts from Europe direct to customer's locations every day. UPS offers 2 day service from Europe so there's really no reason for huge delays in obtaining parts from Europe. Getting the run around from your Linde or Jungheinrich dealer on availability? Try us even on parts you don't see here on our website. There's a good chance we can still supply the part. We have excellent UPS rates from Europe and pass the savings on to you, our customer. Our UPS rates from Europe are actually lower than published UPS next day air rates from Michigan to California. So try us!

We've got a bunch of how-to videos on line and we're producing more!

We know what it's like trying to fix a forklift--many of us used to work at forklift dealerships and we understand the needs of forklift mechanics. Check out our Youtube channel here to watch some of our videos

Want to talk with someone? Call us at 616-796-6638 or email us at [email protected]

We're looking forward to doing business with you!