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Taylor Forklift Parts

Taylor Forklifts have been around since 1927. Taylor makes a wide range of reach stackers, container handlers, and forklifts from 16,000 to 120,000 pound capacity.

Intella Parts can supply quality replacement parts for Taylor. Taylor forklift parts and Taylor stacker parts supplied by Intella often come from the same suppliers that Taylor uses. We supply Donaldson filters, Axletech drive axle parts, Cummins/Fleetguard parts, Allison and Clark/Dana transmission parts.

You can enter the Taylor stacker part numbers in our search bar, or scroll down to find the part you need.

Taylor part numbers: There are 2 types of Taylor stackerpart numbers.

Part numbers that start with a number:

here will be 7 digits with a dash between the 4th and 5th part this: 1234-456. There are some 4 digit numbers as well but they are for older models and aren't as common anymore.

Parts starting with the letter I like India: Believe it or not, Taylor does use the letter I.

These numbers will look like this: I-1-28-0427. 8 digits starting with I like India, and then numbers. Make sure you are entering I and not the number 1.

Some common Taylor models that we offer parts for: THD-250M TCO-300S TX-360M THD-160 TH-350L TXi-550S TEC-950L and most Others.

Shortcuts to some popular items for your Taylor forklift: Taylor Forklift chain.

We might ask you for the model and serial number of your Taylor stacker, Taylor lift truck, or Taylor reachstacker.

You can find that on the data tag on your Taylor forklift. Here's an example:

Model: TEC300L Serial number: S C4 26809 Check out the photo of the data tag here.

Most important are the last 5 digits of the serial number. They will typically be in the format of Letter 2 digits 5 digits.

Call or email us for pricing on Taylor forklift parts! Get ready to save money on your Taylor stacker parts!

Taylor Forklift Parts

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