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Taylor Dunn parts

Taylor Dunn was started in Anaheim California in 1949. With its Southern California roots, Taylor Dunn grew to be one of the dominant manufacturers of personnel and burden carriers. There aren't too many large factories in the USA where you won't find a Taylor Dunn product hauling around people or products.

Taylor Dunn has built a variety of different products over the years including personnel carts, burden carriers, tool carriers, welding carts, in-plant, ambulances, visitor carts, stock chasers, tow tractors, and utility vehicles.

Intella Liftparts carries replacement aftermarket parts for Taylor Dunn. We're not affiliated with Taylor Dunn, and instead we supply competitively priced aftermarket items.

Some of the common models of Taylor Dunn include:

  • B-248 The model B platform/burden carrier. Very common, used to haul around tools and equipment in plants.
  • SC series such as SC-100. These are stock chasers, used by warehouses to pull products and haul around the facility.
  • SS-536 The common supervisor cart. 3 wheel construction, flip down seat in the rear to haul a passenger. Used by supervisors to get around their facility quickly and safely.

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Taylor Dunn Parts Manual

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Taylor Dunn parts

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