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Forklift LPG

Starting with the tank itself, we offer complete LPG tanks and parts for the tank such as LPG tank shut off valves, and those pesky o-rings that wear out, crack, and cause leaky LPG valves.

Did you know that the most common forklift complaint is "my forklift smells like it's got an propane leak". In all likelihood, it's this part right here.

Forklift tanks need a good bracket to be properly mounted. We carry a bunch of different brackets but the most popular is this one here.

Forklifts powered by LPG have fuel systems made by several different manufacturers:

  • IMPCO systems are very popular and common on forklifts made before 2005. The most common item that fails is the model J regulator or the VFF30 lock off. Repair kits are available for both. One of Impco's newest system is called SPECTRUM. We carry the SPECTRUM system parts.
  • AISAN systems are common on most Toyota forklifts. There are a variety of different types of regulators, often it's best to check the actual tag on the regulator and match up that way. You can rebuild these systems with a repair kit we stock.
  • NIKKI systems are used on Nissan, Caterpillar and Mitsubishi forklifts. This vaporizer here is what most people are looking for on Nikki propane systems.
  • CENTURY fuel systems were used on Cat and Clark forklifts. The Century system was popular in the 1970s and early 80s, we carry the regulator here.

Run out of fuel? Forklift's out of propane? Stranded in the middle of the warehouse with no way to drive it back? Hate that? Check out our low fuel kits. A light in the dash will notify the operator that the tank is running low. Drive back and swap tanks and avoid the problem of being stranded.

Forklifts have been powered by LPG (also known as propane) for a number of years. In fact, in the USA if you have a forklift with an engine, it's most likely powered by LPG. And if you need forklift propane parts. Intella's got all the parts you need for your propane forklift.

Curious about the origins of propane gas? Check out this article

Forklift LPG

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