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Offset and Inset Forks

Quickly obtaining the forks you need for your forklifts is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Whether you’re looking for offset forks or inset forks, at Intella Parts you will find precisely what you need.

You can get either offset or inset forks depending on your tasks. Here are the things to consider when deciding:

  • Offset forks allow the forks to be wider than the carriage
  • Inset forks allow the forks to be narrower than the carriage
  • When you use inset forks, a vertical center support bar on the carriage is needed
  • Regardless of which type of forks you use, carefully evaluate the load capacity

Your forks require regular maintenance and replacement to keep your equipment operating properly. Look for forks that are bent or have signs of cracking. These need replacing. Also, measure the thickness of the forks as they can wear down over time. Thin forks reduce your maximum load capacity. When they become too thin, get new offset or inset forks from Intella.

At Intella, the quality of the parts provided is always of the highest standard. We carefully track the manufacturing of our offset forks, inset forks, and every other piece of equipment we provide. You can trust you’ll find the products you need that will perform as you need them to.

It’s easy to get what you need to maintain and improve your forklifts with Intella. Message us today and see how easy it is to find and order the parts you wants, and how our customer support team guides you through the journey. We’re here to help! With parts made for a wide variety of brands, models, and needs, you can trust Intella to take care of you. Call us now at 616-796-6638 to get started.

offset forks Intella Parts

offset forks Intella Parts