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Linde Forklift Parts

Intella Parts is your source for Linde forklift parts. We can even help with those hard to find ones you think are next to impossible to find let alone get them in a timely manner.

Time to service a Linde forklift? Our maintenance kits have everything you need for the standard maintenance based on usage hours. From filters to O-rings and all the washer and spark plugs needed - it's all in one place! Below is a list of kits listed with the Linde part number as well as the details you need so it is easy to order.

We stock parts in our warehouse in Holland, Michigan USA. However, in addition to this warehouse we offer quick shipping from our parent company VanGent Forklift Parts located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This makes getting parts from Europe to you quick and painless. Are you looking for a Linde forklift part and have been told that your part is backordered, coming from Germany? Fear not, we can help! We offer quick 3-day shipping from Europe DIRECT to your location in the United States or Canada.

How can we do this? We have a special arrangement with UPS to offer direct shipments to our customers in the USA and Canada. We will quote this freight price to you when we offer the part. Because this is a regular thing for us, our UPS rates are low and get to you quickly so you can have it in your hands as soon as possible.

If you don't want to get the 3-day service, we also have a weekly airfreight stock order shipment between VanGent and ourselves. You can have your Linde forklift part shipped on our weekly stock order to minimize freight charges. This will add some extra time on to your shipment but it usually still gets to you in 5-7 days.

We understand what it's like to have a piece of equipment inoperable because of a part! The last thing you want to hear is that your part is in Germany which then needs to ship to the Linde forklift factory in South Carolina...and then shipped to your local dealer...who in turn ships to you. Get your parts direct from Europe and get your equipment up and running!

Still have some questions or not sure about the part number you need? Contact our sales team today by phone 616-796-6638, email, or online chat with us today. We are happy to help you figure out what you need and get it coming so you don't lose more time with down equipment.

Linde's History

Linde was founded in Germany in 1879; it was started as a refrigeration production company. They worked hard to secure patents in both the US and Germany to liquefy atmospheric air. After struggling in the US even after the help of American Charles Brush, the industrial rights were lost following World War I.

In 1977, Linde ventured back into U.S. territory with the takeover of Baker Material Handling Corporation. They finally had their feet back on the ground in the United State's market. Over the next decades Linde joined forces with several other power house manufactures in China, Italy, Germany, and Czech Republic. These expansions made Linde a power house in forklift manufacturing throughout the world.

Linde Forklift Parts

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