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LED Lights

Without question, LED lights are the best option currently on the market for forklift lighting. Lighting is essential for keeping a forklift, its driver, and its surroundings safe during operation. No other kind of light performs like an LED in these situations.

First of all, LED lights are extremely bright. The typical LED puts out over 1,000 lumens, which is double the average sealed beam. However, for this impressive brightness, LEDs remain compact and extremely efficient. Lastly, they also have very long lifespans. The average LED lasts for 10,000 hours, which is more than a year of constant output. For comparison, sealed beams have lifespans of only 300 hours on average. Yes, LEDs are a bit more costly than other kinds of forklift lighting options, but they are getting ever cheaper. Because of their popularity, more and more manufacturers are producing LEDs, and this competition drives prices down for your benefit. In short, upcoming though they are, LED lights are the best choice for a forklift of any size or any brand.

Intella offers many different kinds and colors of LED lights, including our best selling blue light for pedestrian safety. We sell LEDs in red, white, and amber colors too.

LED Lights

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