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Inverted Forks

Inverted forks, or upside down forks, are exactly what they sound like: Forks that are oriented bottom-up to better facilitate lifting certain types of loads. If your inverted forks are malfunctioning, you may wonder if you can simply replace them with another type of fork. This probably won't work. Fortunately, Intella Parts carries a wide range of all different types of forks and replacement parts.

Unlike regular forks that are designed to lift stacks of heavy materials, there are specialty forks that are created to assist you with various tasks. For example, depending on the task at hand, you may choose to purchase fork extensions for a longer load, spark-resistant forks that keep you and your vehicle safe from flammable materials, or lumber forks that are designed to handle wood. Inverted forks can help you do the following:

  • Steady a load that might topple over.
  • Provide extra room for a tall stack of boxes or other materials.
  • Help you maintain control of a load in an area with a low ceiling.

Source your aftermarket inverted forks from Intella Parts' selection of world-renowned brands and experience our customer service difference. Our entire company is committed to the three pillars of quality, safety, and customer service, making us the go-to vendor for every forklift replacement part. Browse our online inventory with over 6 million part entries, or contact our dedicated support team by calling 616-796-6638 today.

Need inverted forklift forks? Send us technical details on what you need: length, width, thickness, and if you have a photo of your current forks send that as well. Contact us or call us at (616) 796-6638.

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