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Got snow? Got a forklift that needs some extra traction in the snow? Then we've got the perfect solution for you.

Maintaining traction while using a forklift is critical for the safety of the forklift and its operator. However, forklifts must often function in conditions that do not offer ideal traction. For these situations, from collected snow to inclement weather to rough terrain, our forklift tire chains are the perfect solution.

These chains attach ladder-style around the circumference of the forklift's tires. Our chains, made of solid steel for durability, are sold in sets of two. These sets include not only the chains but also an adjustment tool for proper installation of the chains, and each set is shipped in a bright orange fabric bag for transportation and storage. The steel used in the chain links has a diameter of approximately 5.35mm (0.211 inches), and each link has a length of approximately 46.00mm (1.811 inches).

Our forklift chains are all sold per pair. You'll get a bright orange fabric storage bag, and installation tool, and chains for both axles. Forklift chains are suitable for temporary use, we don't recommend that they are used permanently.

If you run a forklift that has cushion tires, these forklift chains will NOT work. In fact, we have never seen forklift chains for cushion tired forklifts since cushion tired forklifts are not suitable for outdoor use. Cushion tires are made of solid rubber molded to a metal band. They will looking nothing like the tire on your car or tractor. Our tire chains are suitable for pneumatic tires and solid shaped pneumatic tires.

If you have any questions, send us a picture of your tires and we'll help you figure out if we have forklift chains that will work for your forklift. Email us a picture

These chains are intended for temporary use during conditions that require them. Permanent use of the chains is not recommended

Check out our video below explaining how to install our snow chains

Tire chains

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