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Rebuilt forklift steer axles

Do you have a forklift with steer axle problems? Consider a completely remanufactured steer axle instead of replacing component parts.

Instead of fixing your forklift piece by piece, order a remanufactured steer axle from Intella Liftparts.

Each steer axle completely inspected, completely disassembled, and all wear parts are discarded and replaced.

Simply remove your old steer axle, replace with the remanufactured steer axle. Your forklift will be up and running again in no time. Then send the old steer axle back to Intella and receive your core deposit refund.

Our remanufacturing process is very thorough.

  1. We clean and degrease all hard parts and inspect them for damage and conformance with industry specifications.
  2. Any part that doesn’t meet industry specifications is replaced. After we re-assemble the steer axle, all axles are given a very thorough final inspection and test.
  3. Axle beams are straightened and bores are machined out.
  4. Knuckles that do not comply with original specifications are remanufactured or replaced.
  5. Cylinder tubes are machine honed or replaced as needed. Seal kits are replaced and chrome rods are inspected for wear patterns and either replaced or rechromed.

If you Don't see the steer axle you need, please contact us. there's a good chance we can still offer it!

Rebuilt forklift steer axles

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