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Are you a forklift driver? Lose your keys? Don’t worry, we offer quick same day shipping and also offer FedEx overnight shipping in case you need them by tomorrow.

Intella Liftparts stocks ignition keys for most brands of forklifts We also carry many top brands of lift keys, excavator keys and so many more types of replacement keys. And, they're all at competitive prices.

Most keys for lift trucks, forklifts and other industrial equipment are not keyed "unique". Which means if you have a key for that particular brand and ignition switch, it will work on any model of that forklift.

Some of our keys are offered in sets, some are sold individually. Check the image AND description for an accurate portrayal of what you'll receive.

Still Have questions? Contact us.

We carry many other forklift parts so we can be your one stop shop for everything you need to keep your fork truck running. We make it easy to order you forklift repair parts online and our prices are hard to beat!


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