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Electric Motors

Electric forklifts first hit the market near the beginning of the twentieth century, giving diesel-and propane-powered forklifts a run for their money.

Although electric forklifts require special care for their batteries, must be recharged every night, and are less versatile in extreme conditions than other trucks, they also have many advantages over traditional forklift trucks. These benefits include zero emissions, quiet operation, eliminated cost of fuel, simpler operation, and less overall maintenance than diesel and propane forklift trucks.

Electric forklift motors come in many brands and specifications, so it is important to find the right one for you. Checkout our full inventory of these motors below or contact us at 616-796-6638 for further assistance. You can order products directly online, or you can call us and place an order through one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Whatever works for you works for us too! It's all about making your process from problem to solution as smooth as possible.

Here at Intella Liftparts, we stock pump motors, dc motors, lift motors and ac motors for the most popular electric forklift trucks. Plus, we also do special orders! If we don't stock the model of motor you're looking for, we are happy to check with our numerous suppliers to try to locate the part you need. Contact us for more information!

Electric Motors

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