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Crown Forklift Parts

Why use Intella? Intella Parts buys direct from manufacturers. You may encounter other websites that buy from middlemen and third party companies. When we offer Crown forklift parts on our website, it means we ship it from our warehouse. We have total control. We can also offer volume pricing

On our website, you can shop two different ways for Crown lift truck parts. First, if you have the part number, simply enter the part number in to the search box. If you don't have the part number, call us at 616-796-6638 with your model and serial number and we can look up the part number for you.

Crown Lift Trucks manufactures a complete line of electric and now LPG forklifts. Intella offers competitively priced Crown lift truck parts for a variety of different models.

Aftermarket Crown forklift parts save you money. Many parts on your Crown forklift are damaged by wear and tear from your operators. Operator abuse or floor conditions are hard to fix and inevitable. Why spend premium dollars on those undercarriage parts when they'll just be beat up again and back in your shop to fix.

Crown lift truck part numbers come in a variety of different formats. The general format is like this: XXXXX-999 In other words, 6 digits, a dash, and then another 3 digits. If a Crown forklift part is only 5 digits long, then a zero will be entered in front of the rest of the numbers. A part number like 77043 will turn into 077043.

Quantity Pricing

If you run a large fleet of Crown lift trucks, contact us for volume pricing on common wear items such as load wheels, bearings, axles, and more. If you are used to dealing with an inflexible dealer, you've come to the right spot! Intella can supply Crown lift truck parts at the best prices!

Crown lift truck parts from Intella are competitively priced. If you need a Crown forklift part that you don't see on our website, there's a good chance we can still supply it. Call us for more information.

Crown's History

Compared to other forklift manufacturers, Crown Equipment Corporation is relatively young. Founded in Ohio in 1945 by Carl H. and Allen A. Dicke, Crown originally produced temperature control systems for coal ovens. Four years later, with the rise of television, Crown began to produce antenna rotators that helped television reception. It only began construction of forklift trucks in 1957, starting off with just three models. For a short three years, Crown specialized its models for its target industries (everything from steel production to postal services) before reverting back to more general manual and battery-run models of trucks.

As Crown perfected this craft, it began to win awards for the design of its trucks. Producing more models of many variations (stand-up, sit-down, three-wheeled, heavy-duty, and more), Crown opened manufacturing facilities in multiple countries and purchased other production companies across the globe. 1966 saw Crown's first foreign venture to Australia, followed soon by operations in Europe beginning in 1968. Such success has sustained until present day, with Crown generating sales of more than $990 million per year and holding position as the seventh largest lift truck producer in the world. It has also won more than 80 awards for forklift design to date.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the ownership of the company has remained within the Dicke family for four generations, and its global headquarters remain in its birthplace of New Bremen, Ohio--though it also has corporate offices worldwide, from Munich to Singapore.

Crown Forklift Parts

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