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Aerial Wheels

Need new tires or wheels for your man lift? Intella carries a full lineup of JLG, Genie and SkyJack man lift tires for your man lifts. You will find non-marking tires and tire assemblies for all your needs. If you don't know which man lift tire part number to order, please contact us using this form.

ORANGEPARTS brand scissor lift wheels are manufactured to top industry standards. We use grey non-marking rubber, engineered to withstand the toughest environments. We buy our manlift tires direct from the tire manufacturer so you can be assured you'll get the best possible price. Beware, not all scissor lift tires are the same grade of quality as Orangeparts brand tires!

Man lifts and aerial work platforms typically use a molded wheel assembly. The rubber is molded on to the custom wheel which is then installed on the man lift. It's easy to replace aerial work platform wheels, check out our how to videos on replacing AWP wheels on our Youtube channel.

The wheels on your man lift need to be checked daily during a prestart inspection. Check for chunks, missing pieces of rubber, cracks, or scissor lift tire failure. Generally all four scissor lift tires should be replaced at the same time. Tires should also be inspected during the OSHA/ANSI required annual inspection of your scissor lift.

How to determine which tire is right for your man lift: unlike tractor or automobile tires, there is no uniform measurement system for scissor lift tires. Scissor lift tires are unique to each brand and model of aerial work platform. The best way to determine which man lift tire to use for your unit is to look up the part number in the parts manual.

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Aerial Wheels

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