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Do you have a skid steer and are you tired of constantly repairing tire punctures, tears, and leaks? Solid tires for your skid steer will solve that problem FOREVER! Our skid steer tires fit Bobcat, CAT, John Deere, New Holland, Gehl, and most other skid steer brands.

Solid skid steer tires are sold either with wheel or without. If you purchase solid skid steer tires with the wheel, then all you need to do to install them is to unbolt the old wheel, discard that wheel and tire and replace with the new skid steer tire/wheel assembly.

We sell our solid skid steer tires by size. Look up your size and pick the correct version below. If you have any questions please call us at 616-796-1288.

Once you identify the size you need, then pick a tread pattern either smooth or with lug tread. Smooth skid steer tires are suited best for smooth pavement. Many skid steers are used in industrial applications like metal recycling or scrap processing.

Solid skid steer tires

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