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HY Source Parts

Intella offers a complete line of aftermarket HY Source parts. What’s HY Source? HY Source is the spare parts brand name created by Hyster-Yale group. The H stands for Hyster; the Y stands for Yale. Yale and Hyster have been the same company since 1985.

Why Did They Switch to HY?

Since 1985, both brands were distributed out of a central warehouse in Danville IL. At the beginning, Hyster and Yale parts were stocked individually, even though the forklifts were the same forklift, just a different paint color. In 2022, Hyster-Yale group started to use one common part number instead of separate Hyster and Yale part numbers.

Intella recognizes all of these numbers. You can order under a Yale, Hyster, or HY Source part number on our website. All of our quality forklift aftermarket parts feature a six month warranty which is the best in the business. We also ship from multiple warehouses throughout the United States and Canada. There’s a good chance that you’ll get your HY Source aftermarket part sooner from Intella than from your local Hyster or Yale dealer!

HY Source Parts

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