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Lights and bulbs - TOYOTA

Buying Toyota forklift parts is easy at Intella Liftparts. Enter the part number, click to order the part, and the part is on its way! We stock thousands of different Toyota forklift parts for most Toyota forklift models including competitively priced aftermarket Toyota forklift lights and bulbs. Intella ships LEDs, sealed beams, halogen bulbs, and more around the world.

Lighting on a forklift is essential for the safety of the forklift, its driver, and its surroundings, including any other workers or pedestrians in the vicinity of the forklift. OSHA states that forklifts must be equipped with headlights where lighting is less than two lumens per square foot. For an easier explanation, forklifts should have headlights if working at night or outdoors. A major factor to accidents in the workplace is due to blind spots between pedestrians and forklifts. This risk is only increased in a fast-paced workplace. Additional lighting such as strobe lights are not required but can greatly reduce the possibility of injury due to accident. At Intella, we sell only the highest quality lights to keep your workplace safe.

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Lights and bulbs - TOYOTA

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