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Brake parts - CATERPILLAR

At Intella Parts, we offer an extensive collection of aftermarket Caterpillar forklift brake parts for your next scheduled maintenance. We aim to swiftly deliver the Caterpillar brake parts you need to keep your forklifts in excellent working condition.

Forklift brakes usually require replacement every 5,000 to 7,000 working hours, or roughly every two to four years depending on how your forklift is driven and the size of your facility. If your lift truck operators do not need to make frequent stops, you can get away with replacing your brakes less frequently. When it comes time for updating your brakes, we provide everything you require, including:

We also carry the ancillary supplies you need for a brake replacement. Beyond routine brake repairs, we provide everything you need to keep your Caterpillar forklift in excellent condition, such as engine parts, alternators, and filters. If you are unsure about what part needs repair, our dedicated team can help you.

Quality is our priority at Intella. Our quality control team verifies that every aftermarket brake part we offer meets or exceeds industry standards. With over 15 years of experience with various suppliers, we only deal with the suppliers we trust. We also source brake parts directly from Caterpillar to better serve our clients. At Intella, our commitment to the three pillars of quality, safety and customer support makes us the go-to vendor for forklift repair parts. Browse our online catalog with over 6 million records, or get in contact with a customer support representative today by calling 616-796-6638.

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Brake parts - CATERPILLAR

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