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UL, CSA, ETL, CE: abbreviations & what they mean

There are a lot of ways to classify, categorize, and distinguish different products in any given industry. This is especially true in the forklift industry, where parts are manufactured worldwide for many different brands of forklifts. Abbreviations are often used to qualify these parts for certain uses, but so many shorthand phrases can get confusing. We’re here to help.

UL: Underwriters Laboratories certification

UL mark

Q: What does UL mean?

A: If a product is UL-listed, it means that it meets the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories, which are defined primarily by UL itself. It is commonly used on computers, home appliances, various detectors, fire extinguishers, and more. It is a very versatile mark, but it is also very highly respected. In fact, our BlueSpot® forklift safety light is UL-listed.

ETL: Electrical Testing Laboratories certification

ETL mark

Q: What does ETL mean?

A: The ETL mark means that a product has satisfied North American safety standards from Electrical Testing Laboratories. It is a mark similar to the UL mark, and it is recognized across North America.  In fact, UL and ETL are two competing organizations with the same purpose. Admittedly, this can get confusing. Some customers may be looking for a UL-listed product and be surprised to see that we offer a product that is ETL-listed. Don’t be alarmed, though, there is no difference in quality between the two listings. ETL-listed products and UL-listed products both pass the same safety standards. For example, our strobe lights are ETL-listed, while our blue forklift lights are UL-listed. For more information about the ETL mark, click here.

CSA: Canadian Standards Association certification

CSA mark

Q: What does CSA mean?

A: The Canadian Standards Association is a nonprofit that is similar in function to UL and ETL. It focuses on public health and safety in its qualification of products that receive the CSA mark. Though it is based in Canada, the CSA is also familiar with U.S. health and safety requirements, and it is often recognized in the same way a UL or ETL listing is. It is used in many different industries, from electrical engineering to electromagnetic manufacturing.

CE: European Commission certification

CE mark

Q: What does CE mean?

A: A product marked with CE has been certified by the European Commission and can be circulated within the markets of the European Union. The EU has its own standards of health, safety, and environmental impact that a product must satisfy before earning the mark.

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