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What Year is My Toyota Forklift? Toyota Vin Lookup

Toyota Forklift Year by Model Number

Decoding forklift model numbers can be difficult to begin with and it seems as though Toyota only makes it harder. Each year Toyota creates a model number with a different set of letters and numbers that all stand for something that can help you determine your Toyota forklift year. These characters make up the engine type, construction features, any model changes, how it’s powered, the load capacity and more. The different characters in the model number are explained in the coding system below. In the example, there are 8 characters in the model number although the coding system shows 9 possible characters. For any empty spot like the one below, it means there is no information applicable to the forklift so you can simply skip that section.

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Toyota forklift year intella liftparts
Click here for a full size representation on how Toyota codes their models.

toyota forklift vin


So what is the age of my Toyota forklift?

Toyota Parts Lookup

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Update: Toyota 8FGCU25 age

We receive plenty of comments on this post regarding the age of one of the most popular Toyota forklift models, the model 8FGCU25. Many people just need an approximate age of their forklift. The table below will help you determine the approximate age of your Toyota 8FGCU25 forklift:

Serial number rangeYear
0 through 100472007
10047 through 178262008
17826 through 240632009
24064 through 284382010
28439 through 310862011
31087 through 380002012
38001 through 450002013
45001 through 620002014
62001 through 720182015
72019 through 790002016
79001 through 830182017
83019 through 930002018

This won’t be exact but pretty close.

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476 thoughts on “What Year is My Toyota Forklift? Toyota Vin Lookup”

  1. Are you able to tell the year on a 7FGCU20, serial 87118?

    Brian Johnson
    1. 2004