Toyota forklift fluid specs

Q: What lubricants do I use in my Toyota forklift?

A: It depends. Using the wrong lubricating fluids on your forklift can damage the truck and put the truck’s operator in danger. Check below for the correct fluid specs for various models of Toyota 7 and 8 series trucks. But first, here’s a short explanation of some abbreviations that you might come

 API = American Petroleum Institute classification. The API classifies lubricants based on performance level and series. Read more about what those classifications mean here.

•  SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers classification. This is a classification based on the viscosity of the lubricant.

 ISO VG = International Standardization Organization viscosity grade. This is another measure of the viscosity of the lubricant.

Q: How often should you change oil in a forklift? 

A: Every 250 hours, give or take. 

Q: What fluid levels need to be checked before using the forklift?

A: Fuel, oil coolant, brake fluid, and hydraulic

Models covered

•  7FGU15, 7FGU20, 7FGU25, 7FGU30, 7FGU32

•  7FDU15, 7FDU20, 7FDU25, 7FDU30, 7FDU32

•  7FGCU15, 7FGCU20, 7FGCU25, 7FGCU30, 7FGCU32

•  7FGCU15,  7FGCU15,  7FGCUSU20

•  8FGU15, 8FGU20, 8FGU25, 8FGU30, 8FGU32

•  8FDU15, 8FDU20, 8FDU25, 8FDU30, 8FDU32

•  8FGCU15, 8FGCU20, 8FGCU25, 8FGCU30, 8FGCU32

•  8FGCU15,  8FGCU15,  8FGCUSU20

Lubricants needed for each part

 gasoline engine = motor oil; SAE30 or SAE5w-30; API: SH, SJ, SL, SM

•  diesel engine = diesel engine oil; SAE30 or SAE5w-30; API: CE, CF, CF-4

 transmission = GM Dexron® II

 differential = hypoid gear oil; SAE85W-90; API: GL-4

•  hydraulic oil = ISO VG 32

 brake line = SAE J-1703, DOT-3

•  brake cooling oil = Shell DONAX TD

•  chassis parts = MP grease; molybdenum disulfide grease

•  coolant = long life coolant 30-50% mixture (for winter); coolant with rust inhibitor (for other seasons)

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13 thoughts on “Toyota forklift fluid specs”

  1. does the hydraulic oil in the 8FGU25 forklift have zinc in the oil or not

    dan fiedler
  2. How much Transmission oil do i need for the 7FGCU30

  3. I have a toyota forklift model 02-3fg40 and i need to know what type of transmission fluid to use in it. serial is fg45-10836. thank you

    Jeremy A Partin
    1. ATF

      1. Hi,
        I would like to know what transmission oil is used in my forklift Toyota 42-2FG15, serial 70810, with automatic transmission ASCO 40000-20314-71.?
        Thank you!

        Sebastian V.
      2. i have a toyota forklift 4q-2fg20, could you please tell what type of hydraulic oil does it take and what is the quantity, thanks johnsherwood

        john sherwood
        1. ISO 32. Sorry don’t know the quantity

  4. What the required differential fluid for 12.5ton doosan forklift?

    1. Tractor fluid

  5. Where is the hydraulic fluid fill cap at on a Toyota 7fgu15. We got got one used and I’m sure I know which one it is but it doesn’t have a dipstick when I take the cap off so that’s throwing me off

    Dannie Olson
    1. You can pull the thing under the cap off, ours had a dipstick attached to piece under the lid.

      Mitchell Workman
  6. What does it mean when the oil sigh with the arrows pointing towards the middle mean

    1. Oil pressure issue, sensor on ours is right below the oil filter. (I had googled the symbol description)

      Mitchell Workman