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TCM Forklift Serial Number Lookup: Where Do I Find It?

Note: This page is for TCM forklifts only. To find a serial number for a forklift of a different brand, click here for our other guides.

TCM forklift serial number lookup - forklift data tagThe most direct way to find your TCM forklift’s serial number is to check the data tag, also called a nameplate. The nameplate includes various information about your forklift–its weight, its model, how much it can lift, and more. Most importantly, the nameplate also lists the truck’s serial number. In general, a forklift nameplate looks like the image on the left, and on a TCM forklift it is commonly found around the dashboard, like in the image on the right: courtesy of OSHA


TCM forklift serial number lookup - where to find itA serial number is very important when ordering TCM forklift parts for your forklift. But what if the nameplate has fallen off or worn down? Don’t panic. In many cases, a TCM forklift’s serial number can be found stamped somewhere on its frame. Below is a table of many different models of TCM forklifts and a set of reference figures. Use the table to determine which figure to use when looking for your TCM forklift’s serial number.


Models and serial numbers


TCM forklift serial number lookup - serial number location 6 TCM forklift serial number lookup - serial number location 5 TCM forklift serial number lookup - serial number location 4 TCM forklift serial number lookup - serial number location 3 TCM forklift serial number lookup - serial number location 2 TCM forklift serial number lookup - serial number location 1










Model Number to Figure

FCB15A4 = Figure 1                FG20T7G = Figure 3                  FHG30T7 = Figure 3
FCB20A4 = Figure 1                FG20T7L = Figure 3                  FHG30T7DF = Figure 3
FCB25A4 = Figure 1                FG25T7DF = Figure 3                FHG30T7G = Figure 3
FCB25A4S = Figure 1              FG25T7G = Figure 3                  FHG20T7DF = Figure 3
FCB30A4 = Figure 1                FG25T7L = Figure 3                   FD35T9 = Figure 4
FCG15-3G = Figure 2              FG30T7 = Figure 3                     FG35T2DF = Figure 4
FCG15-3L = Figure 2               FG30TDF = Figure 3                  FG35T2G = Figure 4
FCG18-3G = Figure 2              FG30T7G = Figure 3                  FG35T2L = Figure 4
FCG18-3L = Figure 2               FG30T7L = Figure 3                  FG40T2DF = Figure 4
FCG20-3HG = Figure 2           FHD20T7 = Figure 3                  FG40T2G = Figure 4
FCG20-3HL = Figure 2            FHD25T7 = Figure 3                  FG40T2L = Figure 4
FCG25-3HG = Figure 2           FHD30T7 = Figure 3                  FG40T9 = Figure 4
FCG25-3HL = Figure 2            FHG15T2DF = Figure 3             FG45T2DF = Figure 4
FCG28-3HG = Figure 2           FHG15T2L = Figure 3                FG45T2G = Figure 4
FCG28-3HL = Figure 2            FHG18T2DF = Figure 3             FG45T2L = Figure 4
FCG30-3HG = Figure 2           FHG18T2G = Figure 3               FG45T9 = Figure 4
FCG30-3HL = Figure 2            FHG18T2L = Figure 3                FD70-9 = Figure 5
FCG36-8G = Figure 2              FHG20T7G = Figure 3               FD80-9 = Figure 5
FCG36-8L = Figure 2              FHG20T7L = Figure 3                FD100-9 = Figure 5
FD20T7 = Figure 3                  FHG25T7DF = Figure 3             FHD36Z2 = Figure 6
FD25T7 = Figure 3                  FHG25T7G = Figure 3               FHG30T3G = Figure 6
FG20T7DF = Figure 3             FHG25T7L = Figure 3               FHG36T3L = Figure 6

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21 thoughts on “TCM Forklift Serial Number Lookup: Where Do I Find It?”

  1. Can you tell me the year of my TCM Forklift please? The model is TCM FCG25T7T. The serial number on it is A15G05742. Please help!!

    Robert Choinka
    1. Somewher between 1997 and 2000, if you get over $3000 at auction you’re doing pretty good.

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
  2. TCM Forklift serial A12W03059. What is the year?

    Cheyanne Oliver
    1. 2002 or 2003

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
  3. I just bought a used TCM FG20 N7 forklift. The serial number is 28611690. Can you tell me the year? Thanks

    1. That prefix (286) and that model was built between 1978 and 1981. We offer parts for this model.

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
  4. dear
    how can i know the manufacture date of my TCM forklift
    Model FD70Z8
    Serial : 30E02996

    Saudi Group Co
    1. 1998 please keep us in mind for all your parts needed for this TCM

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
  5. Can’t find a model plate on my forklift anywhere.
    has a FCG25 sticker on the side .
    the only numbers i found stamped were

    1. It’s difficult without complete model, however, TCM serial numbers that started with 318 may have been FCG25N5T, built in 1975

  6. What about the year of manufacture, where do you find that please?? 🙂

    Evie White
    1. Reply with your serial number and we can advise year. There’s no easy code.

      1. S/N: 2U907567 FD30T3Z

        1. 2004-2005

  7. Hi,
    for a tcm fg14 with vw polo III 1.9D engine where can i see the serial number on the frame?

    1. Check on the metal near the front wheel. Clean it carefully, might be covered with grease/mud.

  8. I have 600lb tcm30, it has an H25 Nissan gas engine ,has carberator , all name plate are missing, I have searched every place on frame indicated and more
    Engine block says H25 k06387x
    Nissan 2472cc
    I need just close enough serial number I can order parts
    Thank you!

    Justin compyon
  9. We can’t determine the forklift
    I can send a picture if possible

    Brian Kelly