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Toyota Forklift Parts: Top 5 Selling Products

The first ever Toyota forklift was produced in 1956. It has been some time since then and things have changed. Toyota forklifts today receive some of the highest brand ratings so it’s no wonder why we sell so many of their parts and replacements. To compliment the company’s work, we will cover the top 5 selling Toyota forklift parts in today’s market.

1) Toyota 2 Sided Key

Toyota forklift parts
2 Sided Key – part no. 57591-23330-71

At number 1, we have a Toyota key to start off the list (no pun intended). We here at Intella know you jump for joy when you see your forklift. You want to hop in and get cruising around a fast as possible, we get it. Well with the help of the aftermarket double sided key, you can start your lift truck just that much quicker. Not long ago, forklifts came with one sided keys until it was decided the teeth would be cut into both sides. This allows for a quicker start, reducing the time you may be fumbling around with a traditional key. This key is most commonly used on the 7 and 8 series Toyota forklifts.

2) Toyota Forklift Seat

Forklift seats can take a beating and often need to be replaced. That might give some reason as to why this replacement Toyota forklift seat ranks number 2 on our list of parts. Although designed for Toyota 6 and 7 series forklifts, this seat can be made to fit on almost all forklift brands with a little work. Featuring a wingback style seat, driver safety is increased as you are more protected from sliding off the forklift. This is a black vinyl, semi-suspension seat equipped with a retractable seat belt. This low cost, high quality seat also includes mounting rails.

*Two thumbs up*

   For an inside look, check out our video:

     For those who have this seat or are thinking about

purchasing one, you can see how to properly install it here:

3) Toyota LPG/Propane Filter Pad

Filter Pad – part no. 23671-U1101
Filter Pad – part no. 23671-U1101

Coming in at number 3 on our list of Toyota forklift parts is the LPG/Propane Filter Pad. If your fuel regulator isn’t running as it should be, try picking up a new filter pad for a quick and also cheap fix. Ranking 3rd on the list of most sold Toyota  forklift parts, it’s clear this pad is replaced from time to time.

   For those who have picked up this filter pad or are thinking

  of doing so, check this video out on how to quickly replace it:

4) Toyota LPG/Propane Filter Kit

Toyota forklift parts
Filter Kit – part no. 04236-U1100-71

Big number 4 on our list of Toyota forklift parts would be the LPG/Propane Filter Kit. A new fuel regulator can be expensive, and from what I’ve learned, spending less money is a good thing. Instead of trashing your regulator, check out the Toyota filter rebuild kit. Sometimes a new set of filters is all you need to get your regulator running correctly again.

      For those who have purchased the kit or are

   thinking about it, here’s a short installation video:

5) Toyota Forklift Oil Filter

Oil filter 0585059Not all products sold are glamorous ones, but the filter pictured here sure is an effective one. At number 5 we have a top quality, replacement Toyota oil filter. This filter is a spin-on type filter designed for Toyota 4Y engines.

You can get your Toyota parts online along with a bunch of other forklift brands at store.intellaliftparts.com.  We have thousands of forklift parts online. Call us today 616-796-6638.

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