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Toyota 4Y forklift engine

Toyota has used its 4Y engine for forklifts with size capacities between 1.5 and 3.0 tons since early 1990s.   Toyota forklifts with models proceeded with the number 42 all are equipped with the 4Y engine.

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The Toyota 4Y engine dates all the way back to the 1970s.  It was first seen in small light duty trucks such as the Toyota Stout, Hilace, Daihatsu Delta, and Australian built Toyota 4Runners.  Virtually every gasoline or LPG engine used in forklifts today were originally used in automobiles.   The Mazda FE and F2 engines used in Hyster and Yale forklifts were used in Mazda B2000 pickup trucks.  The Mitsubishi 4G63 engine used in Cat and Mitsubishi forklifts was used in Mitsubishi Lancer and Gallant models.  The GM 4.3 liter engine has been used in a variety of Chevy and GMC trucks.  And the Nissan H20 engine was used in a variety of different Nissan car models.  So no surprise that the Toyota 4Y engine got its start in the automotive world.

The 4Y engine has a 2.2 liter displacement with 4 inline cylinders.    It’s typically fitted with an Aisan fuel system of some sort, depending on the emissions rules in the country it’s sold in.  Need firing order, spark plug gap, and other technical info?  Detailed technical specifications can be found here

Toyota owns a portion of many of its suppliers so it comes as no surprise that Aisan is owned by the Toyota group.  The distributor, ignition parts, and electrical system used on the 4Y is made by Toyota owned Denso, and it can truly be said that the majority of the engine and surrounding components are manufactured by either Toyota or Toyota owned suppliers.

Intella offers a variety of parts for the 4Y engines.  We offer overhaul gasket kits, replacement heads, tune up parts.

If your data plate shows a model like these, you can be assured you have a 4Y engine in your forklift:

42-6FGCU15  (42 = 4Y engine code)

If you’re wondering how to determine if your Toyota forklift has a 4Y engine, you can usually figure it out from the data tag of the forklift.

Toyota forklift models typically look like this:  42-6FGCU25.  Let’s decode those letters and numbers.

First off, the first two digits indicate the type of engine in the forklift.  Here are common engine codes

42 = Toyota 4Y engine LPG and gasoline

02 = Toyota  1DZ diesel engine

52 = GM engine typically 6 cylinder 4.3 engine

Now for the rest of the model 6FGCU25

6 is design series.  Toyota started with no number (the first models were simply FGC25, then they moved to 2FGC25, 3FGC, etc, etc)

FGC stands for Forklift Gas (can be gasoline of LPG/propane) Cushion tires.

FDC stands for Forklift Diesel Cushion tires.  FBC Forklift Battery (electric powered) Cushion.

No tire code = pneumatic tires on forklift (default type of tires.  Cushion tires are really only used in North America).

The U designates the factory the forklift was built in.  U = United states, F = France, no letter = Japan.

The number represents the lifting capacity in kilograms/100.  A 25 = 2500kg lifting capacity.  An 18 = 1800kg capacity, etc, etc.

So a 42-6FGCU25 Toyota would be equipped with a Toyota 4Y engine, it’s a 6 series model, it uses either gasoline or propane, it has cushion tires, was made in the United States, and has a lifting capacity of 2500 kilograms.

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