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Forklift tire chains

Learn how to buy the right forklift tires.

Intella offers a complete range of forklift tire chains for pneumatic and solid shaped pneumatic forklift tires.  They’re also referred to as snow chains. Getting tire chains for your forklift helps your forklift tires grip better.   If you have a forklift that operates in the snow, installing tire chains will reduce spinning and improve traction. However, our tire chains are suitable for pneumatic tires on forklifts.  They won’t work on cushion tired forklifts.

Snow Chains

Q: How can you tell if you have a forklift with cushion tires or pneumatic tires?

A: There are many ways to figure out which kind of tires you have on your truck. First of all, if your tires have a valve stem on them, you have pneumatic tires.

A: If the tires on your forklift are marked with a size that includes a colon (:) like this 700:12  or 825:15, you have pneumatic tires and our tire chains will work.

SIS forklift radar

A: If your tires are marked with a size like this: 18x7x12.125  (3 numbers with an X in between the numbers) or 21x7x15 you have CUSHION tires–our tire chains won’t work. An example of a cushion tired forklift is below:

cushion tire forklift

A: If you have a Yale forklift or a Japanese brand forklift (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Komatsu, TCM) and the model number has a C in the model like this: 7FGC25 you have a forklift with cushion tires and our tire chains won’t work.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular models of forklifts with cushion tires (these are models our forklift tire chains will NOT work on)

Toyota 7FGCU25  8FGCU25 8FGCU30  8FBCU25

Yale GLC050RG  GLC030AF  GLC080LG ERC050RG

Hyster S50XM  S50FT  S80XL S50XL  E50XM

Clark CGC25  ECG25

Cat GC25  GC25k  C5000 EC25

Crown  (any model !)


A: If you have an electric (battery powered) forklift and you are in North America, you probably have cushion tires and our forklift tire chains won’t work.  There are some exceptions but 95% of electric forklifts sold in North America have cushion tires not pneumatic tires.

A: If you have pneumatic shaped tires (solid rubber tires, but with a size like 700:12, 600:9, etc), our tire chains WILL work.  These are not cushion tires but what we call in the industry as ‘solid pneumatics.’

An example of a forklift with pneumatic tires is below:pneumatic tire forklift

If you want to eliminate constantly repairing tire punctures, tears, and leaks, you need solid skid steer tires.

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