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How much does your telehandler weigh?

What’s the weight of your telehandler? This is a question that can be quite difficult to figure out, yet a vital one to know. The weight of your telehandler has a direct relationship with its respective lifting capacity. The higher the weight of your telehandler, the more you can lift. With that being said, the angle of which the boom of the telehandler is situated at can also affect the lift capacity. The lower the degree of your boom, the less you can lift. For example, if the boom is completely parallel with the ground, your telehandler can lift as little as 400lbs (180kg). If the angle of the boom is 60°, your telehandler could lift potentially 10,000lbs (4535kg), yet again, the lift capacity depends on the operation weight of your telehandler. 

Below is a list a list of operational weights for telehandlers. This list will include telehandlers that are produced by big manufacturers. These brands include: Genie; Cat; JLG; Skytrak; JCB. Some common telehandlers and their operational weights are listed below.

Genie GTH-1056

Q: How much does a Genie GTH-1056 telehandler weigh?

A: 30,000 lbs; 13,608 kg.

Q: How much does a Genie GTH-5519 telehandler weigh?

A: 10,000 lbs; 4,536 kg.

Q: How much does a Cat TL1055 telehandler weigh?

A: 34,700 lbs; 15,739.66 kg.

Q: How much does a Cat TL943 telehandler weigh?

A: 26,525 lbs; 12032 kg.

Q: How much does a JLG G10-55A telehandler weigh?

A: 34,400 lbs; 15603.58 kg.

Q: How much does a JLG 1255 telehandler weigh?

A: 33,960 lbs; 15,404 kg.

Q: How much does a Skytrak 10054 telehandler weigh?

A: 28,200 lbs; 12,791.3 kg.

Q: How much does a JCB 540-170 telehandler weigh?

A: 8,818.5 lbs; 4,000 kg.

Q: How much does a JCB 520-50 telehandler weigh?

A: 9,700 lbs; 4,400 kg.

Q: How much does a JCB 531-70 telehandler weigh?

A: 15,215 lbs; 6,901.41 kg.

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