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Forklift Propane Tank Brackets at Intella Parts

Forklift propane tank brackets are useful for keeping propane tanks sturdy during tough conditions. Additionally, tank brackets can help prevent injuries by making the process of changing tanks easier.

forklift propane tank bracket 800085635

Why Forklift Propane Tank Brackets are Useful

Compressed gases and be very dangerous. By law, certain gas tanks, such as welding gas tanks, have to be chained to something in a building. If they are not chained to the building, in the event of a fire, the tanks turn into missiles and will kill firefighters. Brackets can help prevent this from happening. By securing the tank to a building, or forklift, tanks will be prevent from getting loose and causing damage.

Forklift Propane Tank Brackets in Action

Intella offers high forklift propane tank brackets that are built out of thick gauge steel at a competitive price. Order today!

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