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Forklift Forks: Everything you need to know

What good is your forklift without a great pair of forks??

forklift forks intella liftpartsForklift forks will start to get worn the first day of use. If you’re company is one that often uses a lift truck, then it’s a very, very good idea to regularly inspect the forks. Now there are a few things to look for while inspecting the forks. The thickness of the fork blade should match the thickness of the back of the fork. The heel of the fork must be checked for cracks. Make sure there is no differentiating height of the fork tips. You must be able to read the factory markings of the forks. Also, the hooks of the forks must be checked for any deformations. If a problem occurs with any of these inspection points, the forks must be replaced. Lucky for you, Intella Liftparts carries all sorts and sizes of quality forklift forks and accessories. Our forks are manufactured to meet or exceed two major specifications: ISO2330 and ANSI (The American National Standards Institute). Intella also offers a variety of special application forks which discussed later in the article.

Not sure what class your forks are in? Check out our video below.

Common Class 2 Forks:

 1.50 x 4 x 42  Forklift Forks

1.50 x 4 x 42 forklift forks intella liftparts 1.50 x 4 x 42 forklift forks intella liftparts

Manufacturer Specs

We can use your own carrier for shipping as well. Please call us at 616-796-1288

Lift capacity per pair (2 forks): 5500 pounds at 20 inch load center.
Price is per pair of forklift forks.

1.75 x 4 x 48  Forklift Forks

1.75 x 4 x 48 forklift forks intella liftparts1.75 x 4 x 48 forklift forks intella lfitparts

We can use your own carrier for shipping as well. Please call us at Manufacturer Specs616-796-1288

to arrange for shipping this way.

Lift capacity per pair (2 forks): 5720 pounds at 20 inch load center.
Price is per pair of forklift forks.

SIS forklift radar

Specialty Forklift Forks:

We know there are many different jobs out there and basic forks may not get the job done. That’s why here at Intella we offer a list of different forklift fork types that can be special ordered so you can tackle that task at hand. Below is a list of all the different types of forks and their general applications. For more information on where to order these special application forks, visit our website here: http://store.intellaliftparts.com/c/Forks.html




anti slip forklift forks intella liftpartsAnti-Slip Forks

  • Durable abrasive coating applied to top of blade
  • Designed to be used for handling pallets made of plastic
  • Provides a jagged surface to properly grip the pallet
  • Adds minimal thickness while ensuring the safety of product while moving and stopping


Block Forksblock forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Used for lifting large concrete or cement blocks
  • The heel is forged enlarged for maximum strength upon lifting
  • Heel can be ordered “concave” in order to reduce damage of the product
  • Can be ordered in any length needed to complete job at hand


Bolt-On ForksBolt-on forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Attached to the fork carrier with bolts instead of using hooks or a tube
  • Allows for more stable forks and limits movement when loaded
  • Reduces overall deflection in the upright of fork
  • Can be either bolted from the front or the back

Coil ForksCoil forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Primarily used to move steel coils, reels, and concrete pipes
  • Can be forged to have either chamfer or radius edges on the blades
  • Top of the upright can also be rounded in order to reduce possible damage
  • Chamfer and radius edges have different lifting capacities

 Corrugated Forkscorrugated forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Blade reduced in thickness down to an edge at the tip
  • Used to wedge under and lift corrugated sheets resting on a flat surface
  • Polished and fully top tapered blade allowing for easy transition in thickness
  • Also available with full bottom taper and in many different widths

DAGS Magnetic Fork Coversmagnetic forklift fork covers intella liftparts

  • Used in situations where products could be damaged from contact with bare forks
  • Features a rubber layer, iron core, and magnetic layer
  • You can install or remove them in seconds

Drum Forksdrum forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Made for lifting one or two drums at one time
  • Both blades have an arc on the inside edge to match with the diameter of the drum
  • Usually used for moving standard  44/55 Canadian and US gallon drum
  • Can still be used to lift conventional loads

Folding Forksfolding forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Designed to fold at the heel of the fork and placed vertically.
  • Allows for storing forklift in restricted work environments and easier transportation
  • Contains chain that attaches to pin that wraps around the blade, keeping it secure

Fully Tapered FTP Forksfully tapered ftp forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Fully tapered and polished forks are used in lumber, gypsum and finely finished goods
  • Have one long taper that starts past heel and extends down to tip
  • Polished with a smooth finish so that no material catches or drags on the fork
  • Usually thinner than standard taper and can be refined to chisel tip

Gypsum Forksgypsum forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Forks are used to protect the product at hand, especially gypsum wallboard
  • Fork upright contains a durable slide pad, made of either polyurethane or neoprene
  • Polished blade with sharp corners removed
  • Hook or shaft type mountings available

Inverted Forksinverted forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Forks mounted upside down typically  used for lifting large bags that have loops above product
  • Upper load bearing hook fitted relative to the back die radius
  • Top of the blade is rounded not to harm the straps of the bags
  • Capacity rating of the forks are reduced by 15% due to inverted angle

Offset and Inset Forks offset and inset forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Offset forks designed to enable the forks to be wider than the carriage
  • Inset forks designed to enable the forks to be narrower than the carriage
  • By doing this, load capacity must be re-evaluated

Peek-A-Boo (PAB) Forkspeek a boo forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Created to expand the visibility of the driver
  • Wide fork type, used mostly in the lumber industry
  • Shank width is reduced which is possible due to diminished stress exerted on the fork
  • Can be custom ordered for fit

Quick Detach Forksquick detach forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Designed to be quickly and easily removed from the carriage
  • Have an upper hook that allows for removal of forks without having to take off fork retaining bar
  • Have an open style hook which can fit on either a round or square carriage bar

Shaft Forksshaft forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Allow for a floating function for use in  areas of uneven grounds
  • Usually used on larger lift trucks and construction machinery
  • Pin suspension of fork is used to guide it on a shaft previously mounted on machine

Spark Retardant Forksspark retardant forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Used on forklifts operating in hazardous conditions
  • Other than upright backing, fork is coated in brass to retard sparks
  • Common in chemical plants, grain elevators, mines, paint plants, munitions and arsenal manufacturing

Tin Plate Forkstin plate forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Primarily used to load can forming machines
  • Tapered and offset tips allow for easier access into small skids
  • Option of a neoprene or polyurethane slide-in pad to protect product
  • Can be mounted with hooks or tubes

Tire Forkstire forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Used for lifting tires of all different shapes and sizes
  • Forks have a custom radius on top inside of blade, finished with rounded edges to prevent damage
  • Can have an economical 45 degree edge or tire contour on the edge of blade

Two-Stage Taper Forkstwo stage taper forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Forks designed for increased stability when handling longer or deep stacks of lumber
  • Shorter but more durable tip for easier entry into lumber stack
  • 20% from fork tip is 50% of full thickness which can reduce fork deflection
  • Option of polishing top of fork blade

Frequently asked questions regarding forklift forks:


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Forklift forks: technical details on Intella’s range of fork arms

Intella Parts’ forklift forks are manufactured to meet or exceed two major specifications.

ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) has published standard number B56 11.4 revision 2013 entitled “Hook type forks and fork carriers for powered industrial fork trucks.”  This standard encompasses standards relating to hook type forks up to 24,000 pound lifting capacity.  Intella’s forklift forks are built to meet this standard.  It’s important to note that ANSI doesn’t “approve” or “endorse” certain products–they simply publish a standard for manufacturers to adhere to.  For more information on this standard, and to download and read the standard click here.  You may download a PDF of the standard for no charge by submitting your name and email address.

forklift forks intella liftparts

ISO2330 is the world standard for forklift forks.  This International Standard specifies manufacturing, testing and marking requirements for solid-section fork arms, for quantity production and with all types of mounting.  Here’s the main difference between ANSI B56 and ISO2330.    Manufacturers “self-certify” to the ANSI B56 standard–ANSI publishes standards, they don’t approve or disapprove products that claim to be built to that standard.  ISO2330, on the other hand, actually is an audited standard–if manufacturers advertise that they build forklift forks to ISO2330, they must pay for an extensive on-site audit.  Once the auditors certify that the standard is met, the manufacturer receives an ISO2330 certificate.

The first ISO2330 test is a yield test.  For forklift forks built to a load capacity of less than 5500 kilograms (12,100 pounds), the test load is 3 times the load capacity.  For forklifts forks built to a load capacity of greater than 5500 kilograms (12,100 pounds), the test load is anywhere between 2.5 and 3 times the load capacity of the fork.

The second ISO2330 test is an impact test.  In this test, cross sections of steel are removed from the forklift fork according to ISO 683-1.  They are then impact tested according to ISO148 at -20 celsius.

The third ISO2330 test is a fatigue test.  In this test, the sample forklift fork is load tested 1,000,000 (one million) times (!!).  The load is 1.25 times the lifting capacity of the fork.   The fork can’t fail, and there can be no cracks after the test.

All three of these tests are performed under the auspices of the ISO auditor.  This is a major difference from the ANSI specification.  You can rest assured that Intella forklift forklifts are manufactured to top international standards and suitable for any industrial forklift.

The last ISO2330 requirement is that each forklift fork is stamped on its side with the following:

– fork arm capacity in kilograms

load center in millimeters

– manufacturers designation

– date code or serial number code

SORRY Americans used to inches and pounds!  Since this is a global standard, it’s all metric on the forks

forklift forks markings

In the above photo, you see 2500×500.  What this means is that the fork has a lifting capacity of 2500 kilograms (5,500 pounds) at a 500 mm (20 inch) load center.  This is the forklift fork capacity per fork not per pair.  In this example, if you had two of these forks on a forklift, your forklift forks have a lifting capacity of 5,000 kilograms (11,000 pounds).  This should not be confused with the lifting capacity of your forklift.  Consult the manufacturer’s data tag on your forklift to determine the lifting capacity of your forklift.

Forklift forks are measured and ordered by knowing length, width, and height.  To learn more about measuring forklift forks, check out this Youtube video:


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