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My Forklift Battery Smells Funny

My forklift battery smells a lot like rotten eggs – Why?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the smell of rotten eggs Forklift Battery Charger Intella Liftparts
coming from your forklift battery is not a good thing. The unpleasant smell resembling that of expired eggs is actually sulfur. Forklift batteries are made from lead plates that are covered in a lead oxide paste. This then sits in a pool of sulfuric acid. Almost every vehicular battery, regardless of the application, will at some point get a bad cell. When one of these battery cells stop taking a charge, the battery charger will throw everything it’s got at it to try and bring up the voltage. This causes the cell to get very hot and will boil the sulfuric acid stored inside the battery. When sulfuric acid gets cooked, you’re left with the rotten egg smell. Now if you’ve got an internal combustion forklift, the alternator could be overcharging your battery also resulting in the funky smell.

Forklift Battery Chargers Intella LiftpartsSo now I know why it smells, but what do I do now?

First thing’s first: Turn that charger off and let the battery cool down. No one likes boiling sulfuric acid. For safety reasons, place a tag on the battery to make sure no one uses it. Get in contact with a professional to check out your battery and charger. Have the professional replace the bad cell. If you can’t replace the cell, replace the battery. Following the replacement of the battery or the battery cell, check to see if your charger is working properly. No one wants to buy a new battery only to have it ruined by a bad battery charger.

What caused my battery to fail?

Assuming that it wasn’t your battery charger that was the problem, there are a few things that may have caused your battery to fail.

  • Water – If the water that you add to the battery is full of dissolved minerals, the minerals can accumulate making it rather difficult for the battery to take a charge. This can cause the cell to overheat.
  • Warehouse Floor – Working on an uneven floor can jar the forklift battery, knocking the oxide paste off of the plates causing them to short out.
  • Manufacturer’s Defect – Every now and then a battery may flat out under-perform. This can be due to a defect in the battery. Check with the manufacturer of the battery in regards to warranty information as many times they will be covered for a certain number of years.

Where to go from here.Forklift Battery Charger Intella Liftparts

Thinking your forklift battery charger is the problem?

Here are some helpful links:

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Battery charger catalog

Need forklift parts?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Liftparts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

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Forklift battery chargers | ProMat 2015 Day 3 observations

Intella launched a new line of forklift battery chargers at ProMat 2015 in Chicago.  Our long time European charger partner, A.T.I.B Elettronica showed off their newly designed models for the North American market.  We’re very excited to be entering the charger business.

Forklift battery chargers
Forklift battery chargers from Intella Liftparts


Our parent company, VanGent Forklift Parts, has been doing business with ATIB for nearly 10 years with great results.  The chargers ATIB sells in Europe are designed for European voltages and standards–a completely new series was introduced for the North American market.  If you’re interested in learning more about chargers please call us at 616-796-1288 or explore more here.


On Wednesday, day 3, traffic starts slowing and the energy takes a dip.  For future record, Monday and Tuesday are definitely the best days to take in ProMat from an attendee perspective.  Some might point out that it’s easier to navigate a show when it’s less busy.  Me–I’d prefer to attend when everyone is at peak performance, peak energy, peak excitement.  Let’s face it, 4 days of working a show does get tiring!

Below are some photos of things I found interesting to look at during the ProMat show.  Let’s start with what is perhaps the most interesting company name.

ProMat Daifu-what?
ProMat Daifu-what?


Interesting name, interesting display…

ProMat Conveyors Intella Liftparts
Real live conveyor systems on display


What better way to demonstrate your product’s lifting capability by lifting another one.  Literally!


Combilift parts from Intella Liftparts


Finally, on Wednesday night MHI celebrated its 50th anniversary with a cocktail hour and stand up comedy by Frank Caliendo.  Frank’s known for his celebrity impersonation of notables such as Morgan Freeman, Bill Clinton, Charles Barkley and many others.  He had a great show.

Below photo is from the back of the room, near the bar.  We were quite a ways back but the video screens projected pretty well.

Frank Caliendo | Intella Forklift Parts
Happy hour Frank Caliendo


And that’s all for the 3rd day ProMat 2015 wrap up!


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