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How Much Does Your Articulating Boom Lift Weigh?

What’s the weight of your articulating boom lift? Articulating boom lifts are very useful for getting to high places in a quiet and smooth manner. The operating weight is key to know as it determines what angles are feasible and how much weight can be put onto the platform. Operating weight measures how much the machinery actually weighs. This information is useful for, as said above, how high you can go with your articulating boom lift and what angles you can use. It also is useful for transportation and what kind of vehicle is needed to transport one. 

Below is a list of manufacturers and their boom lifts. Common articulating boom lifts made by these manufacturers and their respective weight are listed below. The manufacturers listed below are the following: Genie; JLG.

Genie S60 Boom Lift

Q: How much does my Genie S60 boom lift weigh?

A: 20,690 lbs; 9385 kg.

Q: How much does my Genie S85 boom lift weigh?

A: 38,000 lbs; 17,236 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 600AJ boom lift weigh?

A: 22,740 lbs; 10,314.69 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 660SJ boom lift weigh?

A: 25,341 lbs; 11,494.48 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 800AJ boom lift weigh?

A: 34,130 lbs; 15,481.11 kg.

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