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The history of Forklift Factory Stores

forklift factory stores intella liftparts

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The majority of forklift dealers in the United States are independently owned companies, typically founded by entrepreneurs.  Some of these dealerships have existed for many years, now managed by second and sometimes third generation family members.  However,  some forklift manufacturers have elected, in some markets, to market their product through directly owned subsidiaries, also known as forklift “factory stores”.

Here’s an overview of the various forklift manufacturers who own retail operations in North America.  This is by no means an exhaustive list–if you have information that you’d like to contribute to this blog, please comment below or email us.

Komatsu (formerly Allis Chalmers)

Komatsu forklift inherited a number of forklift factory stores after taking over the Kalmar AC business unit from Kalmar in 1988.

Factory owned stores include:

  • Atlanta, Georgia (1960)
  • Chicago, Illinois (1963)
  • California (1963):  Fresno, Oakland, Stockton.  Ontario and Long Beach (2001).  Also Ontario, CA
  • Komatsu Equipment Company (construction division): Nevada, Utah, Wyoming

Unicarriers Forklift

(Nissan/TCM, division of Mitsubishi) began buying dealerships recently.

  • In 2014, New England Industrial Truck was acquired.
  • In 2015, Capital Equipment and Handling (Hartland, Wisconsin) was bought by Unicarriers.


(Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America now known as Logisnext) owns multiple dealerships and a fleet management/rental subsidiary.

  • SCMH (Southern California Material Handling), based in the Los Angeles area, became part of the MCFA family in 2006.
  • Daily Equipment (Mississippi & Louisiana)  was bought in 2012.
  • FMS Equipment Rentals in Houston TX appears to have been part of the MCFA family since 1998.
  • Lone Star Lift was started in 2005 as a subsidiary of MCFA.  It was eventually folded into the Daily Equipment acquisition (store is now branded Daily Equipment/Houston TX territory though territory is non contiguous with historic Daily Equipment territory in states of LA and MS).
  • Equipment Depot was purchased by Mitsubishi Logisnext, part of the Mitsubishi family in 2019.   Equipment Depot has operations throughout the US, some locations in 2019 were Clark or Linde, it remains to be seen what Mitsubishi will do with those locations.
    • June 2021: Equipment Depot adds locations in Wisconsin, competing with long established CAT/Mitsubishi dealer Wisconsin Lift/Wolter Equipment


Taylor Machine Works owns a number of dealerships under the Sudden Service brand name. Intella Parts carries Taylor forklift parts.

Current factory store locations include:

  • Alabama: Mobile and Montgomery
  • Arkansas: W Memphis
  • Florida: Ft Myers, Jacksonville, and Miami
  • Georgia: Covington
  • Kentucky: Elizabethtown
  • Louisiana: Kenner
  • North Carolina: Hope Mills
  • North Dakota: Williston
  • Tennessee: Nashville (White House)
  • Texas: Comfort, Corpus Christi,  Ft Worth, Odessa, Pasadena
  • Virginia: Richmond
  • Ohio
  • Indianapolis
  • Eastern Illinois

Toyota Forklift

There appear to be two different ownership approaches Toyota takes towards dealerships in the USA.

Complete ownership vs minority share of ownership

These dealers are:

  • ProLift (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky/W Virginia) Acquired in 2007.  Also known as Toyota Material Handling Midwest.  As of 2015, still a Taylor dealer though there’s this.
  • Liftow (Canada) and Badger (Wisconsin).  Acquired in 2011.
  • TMH Ohio (acquired former Interlift Enterprises in 2013)
  • TMH Northeast (Pennsylvania/New Jersey–acquired certain Kenco locations in 2012)
  • Atlas Companies (Chicago) 2011
  • Florida Lift Systems / Southern States Toyotalift
    • Managed together with Raymond Handling Consultants starting in 2021
  • Garrison Service Company – 2018 Acquired and renamed Toyota Material Handling MidSouth
  • Toyota-lift of Minnesota 2020
  • PennWest ToyotaLift Pittsburgh Erie PA 2022

Ownership through other Toyota family companies:

Toyota Lift NW (Oregon) owned by Toyota Tsusho Group

Past ownership:

Toyota Lift of Los Angeles (pre 2000s)  (Sold in 2007 to S Basu)


Raymond Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyota Group  (see history here).

Like Toyota, Raymond has a similar approach to dealer ownership.  Some dealerships are 100% Raymond owned, others Raymond holds either minority or majority ownership positions with past management holding the other portions.  The number of Raymond dealers is actually fairly small–there are only around 23 in the entire country, and Raymond effectively controls the majority of them.

As of August, 2017, there are a total of 16 Raymond dealerships where Raymond parent company Toyota Material Handling owns anywhere from 49% to 100% of shares.

Wholly or partially owned Raymond dealerships (verified)

  • GN Johnston Canada
  • Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation – 100% as of 2018
  • Pengate Handling Systems of New York, Inc.
  • Abel Womack, Inc.
  • Heubel Material Handling, In
  • Associated (Illinois/Indiana)
  • Carolina Handling, LLC
  • Malin Integrated Handling Solutions and Design
  • Raymond Handling Consultants Florida
    • Merged with Southern States Toyotalift in 2021
  • Raymond Handling Solutions Southern California
  • Raymond Storage Concepts
  • Shaw Material Handling Systems

An interesting article on Raymond’s approach towards ownership of its dealers can be found here


Crown Equipment Corporation‘s  has consistently grown the number of factory-owned retailers throughout North America, with a large number of new factory-owned stores launched in the last ten years.

Legacy Stores

There exists a core group of Crown factory stores which have existed for many years.  Those stores include:

Atlanta, Georgia (opened 1984), Detroit, Grand Rapids, Los Angeles,  San Francisco, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Houston markets are all handled by long time Crown factory-owned stores.

In other markets, Crown has historically launched forklift factory stores when dealers have failed financially, failed to hit Crown sales objectives, or, in certain cases Crown has purchased successful existing dealers.  There have been few recent instances where Crown ended relations with one independently owned dealership and awarded the product line to another independently owned dealership.    When Crown makes a dealer change, it invariably opens a factory-owned store.

1980s and 1990s

  • 1989: Ft Wayne / Elkhart IN opened (former dealer Hull Lift Truck)
  • 1994: Milwaukee opened (former dealer Stack & Store Systems)
  • Late 1990s: Pompano FL opened (former dealer Lift Systems Inc)
  • 1999: OKI Systems acquired by Dicke family (which owns Crown) (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana).  Operation ran as separate company for a number of years then eventually converted to factory-owned stores.

2000 through 2010 

  • Early 2000s:  Memphis TN (former dealer Equipment Engineering)
  • 2002: San Antonio: (former dealer Southwest Lift)
  • 2002: Tifton GA: (former dealer Carlton Co)
  • 2003: Dallas TX: Crown purchases former dealer Shannon Corp and rebrands stores as Crown
  • 2003: Salt Lake City UT(former dealer Material Handling Equipment Co)
  • 2004: Tampa/Orlando: (former dealer Florida Lift Systems, lawsuit, etc)
  • 2006: Rockford IL cancels dealer Material Handling Services
  • 2008: Minneapolis MN (former dealer Lift, Stack, and Store)
  • 2008: Charlotte NC (former dealer LiftOne /CAT dealer)
  • 2008: Las Vegas NV (former dealer Inland Hobbs/CAT dealer)
  • 2010: Des Moines IA (former dealer Liftruck Service)

2011 – 2019

  • 2012: Fresno CA (former dealer Quinn /CAT dealer)
  • 2013: Kansas City KS area (former dealer Lift Truck Sales & Service)
  • 2013: New Orleans & Shreveport LA (former dealer was Daily Equipment/CAT dealer who was purchased by MCFA)
  • 2013: Cleveland OH (former dealer Towlift/CAT dealer)
  • 2014: Eastern Canada:  Crown purchases Ryder Material Handling.  2018 Crown re-brands Ryder locations to Crown factory stores.
  • 2014: Wichita KS (former dealer Lift Truck Center)
  • 2015: Richmond VA (former dealer Virginia Forklift)
  • 2015: Akron OH (former dealer Fallsway Equipment/CAT dealer)
  • 2015: Providence RI Crown acquires long time dealer Crellin Handling
  • 2015: Raleigh NC  (former dealer Gregory Poole/was CAT dealer, dropped CAT in 2015 to become Hyster-Yale dealer)
  • 2018:  St Louis MO (former dealer Allied Industrial) apparently acquired; branding from Allied goes away, turns into Crown factory store
  • 2019: Reno/Sparks NV (former dealer Industrial Handling Equipment either drops Crown or is cancelled.  New Crown factory store opens March, 2019

Hyster Forklift

Until 1991, Hyster Company owned and operated the Hyster Sales Company with stores in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.  In 1991, Hyster sold Hyster Sales Company to The Pape Group based in Eugene OR.

In 1998 Hyster bought the former Bode Finn and Quimby dealerships from Nationsrent and renames the company Hyster Mideast.  The dealership ended up being short lived, in 2003 Hyster sold the firm to dealer MH Equipment.


When Yale was an operating division of Eaton the firm operated a number of forklift factory stores throughout the United States.  Eaton divested all of these stores prior to the Nacco acquisition of Yale in 1985,

Presently Hyster-Yale owns no dealerships in North America.


As of 2018, factory stores in Georgia (Buford, Austell, metro Atlanta).  Doosan purchased All Lift of GA and American Forklift.  In California, Doosan operates a location in Buena Park after acquiring Industrial Forklifts from former Toyota president Shankar Basu.

Summary: Forklift OEMs with factory stores









Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

Blue forklift light @ ProMat 2015 and day 2 observations

At Promat 2015 we demonstrated our BlueSpot® Safety Light which has been a hit since we introduced it in 2012.  Yep, you read that right.  We sold our first blue forklift light in late 2012!

Our model 01291296 features stainless steel hardware and it’s UL listed.  It’s IP67 rate which means it is suitable for outdoor wet applications as well as indoor settings.

If you stopped by our booth you would have seen 8 of these in operation– we had LOTS of blue spots on the floor in front of our booth!

In addition to the BlueSpots we displayed, we also displayed a red version of the blue forklift light.  Check out the floor in the image below and look at all the different lights.  If you look carefully, you’ll see 4 lights mounted on the walls, 2 lights on the Hyster forklift, and 3 more lights on the black counter.

blue forklift light
Blue forklift lights on display at Intella’s ProMat booth

ProMat’s second day, Tuesday March 24, 2015 started with a bang!  Doors opened early as there was a huge crowd awaiting in the McCormick Place foyer.

intella at promat 2015
Large crowds enter the 2nd day of the ProMat 2015 material handling show in Chicago

ProMat 2015 featured nearly 500,000 square feet of exhibits.  Intella has been at ProMat since the 2011 show and this was definitely the biggest ProMat in as many years.

The ProMat show covers all aspects of material handling.  Forklift manufacturer booths are fairly large but fairly straight forward.  Most forklift OEMs feature a large number of their models on the floor along with some chairs/bar area.

Hyster H360, 36,000 pound lifting capacity

It’s interesting seeing the new models of forklifts, wondering what the forklifts will looking like after they’ve been used for a number of years and needing replacement forklift parts.

Conveyor and material handling systems companies tend to have the largest, most elaborate booths at ProMat.  Here’s a picture of one company’s booth: the operating conveyor runs beneath the 2nd story of the booth.

Large booths at ProMat
Large booths at ProMat

Raymond booth with EastPenn in front.

Raymond forklift | Intella liftparts
Raymond forklift booth

Looking for wholesale forklift parts in USA?  Contact Intella Liftparts at 616-796-6638

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

What’s OEM? What’s original? What’s aftermarket?

Find Common Forklift Parts at Intella Parts!

There are many conflicting articles and posts online about original OEM forklift parts and aftermarket forklift parts.  For the record, everything we sell at Intella Liftparts is aftermarket.

But what is aftermarket?   Is it the same as will-fit?  Knock-off?

Let’s get some terms out of the way

Aftermarket vs. OEM

First off, we define aftermarket forklift parts as any forklift part that doesn’t come packaged in an OEM box from an OEM dealer.  Now many OEM dealers will state the party line that all aftermarket parts are bad.  The only problem with that logic when it comes to Intella, is that we buy from many of the same suppliers than forklift manufacturers buy from.  We supply Donaldson filters, Axletech axle parts, Dana transmission parts, Perkins engine parts…you get the picture.    We try to buy parts direct from the same supplier that supplies the OEM.  Most times we can do that–sometimes we cannot.

forklift parts quality system
Measuring and managing quality

We take the original part, make a drawing from it and then from that drawing we manufacture the part.  We often make many of the machined parts and forklift cylinders which we offer.

Is using aftermarket forklift parts bad?  

Sometimes you don’t have a choice.  Sometimes aftermarket forklift parts suppliers can supply a part that even the OEM can no longer supply.  In those cases you don’t have a choice.  But more important than the sticker on the box is the part itself and the company supporting the parts.  You can be assured that we stand behind everything that we sell!

The Open Secret

An open secret in the industry is that most of the large OEMs supply aftermarket parts as well as OEM parts.  Toyota’s StarLift program is mostly TotalSource forklift parts.  Hyster’s Unisource program?  Yep, supplied by TVH.  In other words, OEMs act like this:  for parts on our brand forklift, you need to buy our OEM parts .  But if it’s any other brand, feel free to use our competitive parts program.  Which is, um, aftermarket.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC