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Holland, Michigan: the home of Intella, but also the home of the Tennant T5 Model. Tennant company has a rich 150 year history of manufacturing superb cleaning machines. Tennant originated in 1870 on the banks of the Mississippi river in Minnesota and continues to dominated the cleaning industry.

Here at Intella, we offer a wide array of Tennant T5 parts. This blog will outline major parts in the T5 model and their corresponding Tennant T5 parts.


The type of parts that you’ll need to fix your T5 Tennant scrubber is dependent on both the size of your brushes and the type of your brush (either disk or cylindrical). Below, you can see where the brushes can be found on your T5 Tennant scrubber. Note: brushes are beneath scrubber and scrubber needs to be lifted in order to access the brushes.

Tennant T5 Brush Location

Below, a table can be seen that indicates brush parts numbers and their corresponding description and compatible brush size.

Type Part Description Scrub Path / Brush Size Part Number
Disk Nylon Scrub Brush 24” (600 mm) /
2 x 12” (305 mm) brushes
Polypropylene Scrub Brush 1220204
Super Abrasive Scrub Brush 1220205
Nylon Scrub Brush 28” (700 mm) /
2 x 14” (355 mm) brushes
Polypropylene Scrub Brush 1220218
Super Abrasive Scrub Brush 1220217
Nylon Scrub Brush 32” (800 mm) /
2 x 16” (405 mm) brushes
Polypropylene Scrub Brush 1220216
Super Abrasive Scrub Brush 1220214
Cylindrical Nylon 18SR Scrub Brush 26” (650 mm) /
2 x 26” (650 mm) brushes
Polypropylene 18SR Scrub Brush 399252
Heavy Duty Polypropylene 18SR Scrub Brush 399253
Abrasive 18SR Scrub Brush 399254
Nylon Scrub Brush 32” (800 mm) /
2 x 32” (800 mm) brushes
Polypropylene Scrub Brush 222307
Polypropylene 18SR Scrub Brush 374042
Abrasive Scrub Brush 222309

Pads and Pad Drivers

T5 Tennant models can perform a variety of different tasks depending on their pads. These tasks include: polishing, scrubbing, and stripping. Note: pads are attached to the brushes.

Part Description Scrub Path / Brush Size Part Number
3M White Polishing Pad 24” (600 mm) /
2 x 12” (305 mm) pads
3M Red Cleaning Pad 385941
3M Blue Scrubbing Pad 385942
3M Brown Stripping Pad 385943
Pad Driver 1220219
3M White Polishing Pad 28” (700 mm) /
2 x 14” (355 mm) pads
3M Red Cleaning Pad 222325
3M Blue Scrubbing Pad 222326
3M Brown Stripping Pad 222327
3M Black HiPro Stripping Pad 370091
Pad Driver 1220221
3M White Polishing Pad 32” (800 mm) /
2 x 16” (405 mm) pads
3M Red Cleaning Pad 63248-3
3M Blue Scrubbing Pad 63248-2
3M Brown Stripping Pad 63248-1
3M Black HiPro Stripping Pad 370092
Pad Driver 1220222


The squeegees on your T5 model are designed to inhibit and absorb all liquid administered from the scrubs. The fan draws the liquid in thus drying the surface. Below, the image displays where the squeegee is found on your T5 model.

Tennant T5 Squeegee Location

Below, a table can be seen that indicates squeegee parts numbers and their corresponding location (front or back), description and compatible brush path.

Location Part Description Scrub Path Part Number
Front Linatex® Squeegee 24” (600 mm) 1021804
Urethane Squeegee 1025334
Gum Rubber Squeegee 1025333
Linatex® Squeegee 28” (700 mm) 1023327
Urethane Squeegee 1025339
Gum Rubber Squeegee 1025337
Linatex® Squeegee 32” (800 mm) 1023398
Urethane Squeegee 1025343
Gum Rubber Squeegee 1025342
Back Linatex® Squeegee 24” (600 mm) 1021333
Urethane Squeegee 1025336
Gum Rubber Squeegee 1025335
Linatex® Squeegee 28” (700 mm) 1023329
Urethane Squeegee 1025341
Gum Rubber Squeegee 1025340
Linatex® Squeegee 32” (800 mm) 1023399
Urethane Squeegee 1025346
Gum Rubber Squeegee 1025344

General Maintenance

The following table displays all of the miscellaneous parts you may need for your T5 model.

Part Description Part Number
Ignition Key (set of 2) 1017696
6V, 240AH, Wet Battery (4 req) 222280
6V, 240AH, Wet Battery (4 req) 1021446
Squeegee Caster (2 req) 1006343
Squeegee Bumper Wheel 1010560
Squeegee Hose 1014026
Recovery Drain Hose 1017380
Solution Drain Hose Sight Gauge 1023809
Drain Hose Cap Assembly 1008639
Head Splash Skirt – Cyl. (4 req) 1026292
Head Splash Skirt – Disk (for 24” / 600 mm scrub path) 1072656
Head Splash Skirt – Disk (for 28” / 700 mm scrub path) 1072657
Head Splash Skirt – Disk (for 32” / 800 mm scrub path) 1072658
ec-H2O NanoClean™ WCM 270 ML Cartridge 9013646

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