How Long does an Electric Forklift Last?

Electric forklifts contribute to an electrical revolution– gas vehicle market share is slowly decreasing as EVs are produced– and forklifts are no different. “How long will an electric forklift last” is a very common question, and this blog will outline what factors to look at when deciding whether or not to replace an electric forklift.

1. Cost of Maintenance vs Cost of Replacement

A key factor to consider when considering replacing a forklift, whether electric or not, is cost of maintenance versus the cost of replacement. Once the cost of maintenance exceeds the cost of replacement, it is time to replace your forklift, as all money spent on maintenance is essentially lost money. The primary maintenance cost is battery replacement (which can be very expensive).

electric toyota forklift
Electric Toyota Forklift

2. Amount of Charges

The amount of times that an electric forklift is charged determines how long the forklift will last as the batteries will wear out. On average, an electric forklift lasts 1,400 charges (6-8 hours per charge), which will result in about 5-7 years of usage, depending on how often it is used. If your forklift is getting close to the 5-7 year old range, it might be time to replace it.

3. Heavy vs Light Load

Next, a big factor into an electric forklift’s longevity is daily load. If using a larger load, expect see a 6-12 month decrease in lifespan due to wear and tear. If your forklift typically lifts a heavy load regularly, consider replacing it sooner.

4. Inclement Weather

If a forklift experiences cold weather, rain, or snow often, it will contribute to a decreased lifespan.

5. Quality of Maintenance

Typically, electric forklifts have much less maintenance due to how fewer parts they have than that of an ICE (internal combustion engine) forklift. With that being said, batteries can and do break. A well maintained battery will go a long way in improving an electric forklift’s longevity.


In conclusion, electric forklifts have much less factors to considering than that of an ICE. Replacing a forklift can be hassle, luckily, Intella offers a wide array of electric parts! This includes motors, engine electrical parts, motor brushes, Anderson Battery Connectors, and more!

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