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ProMat 2015: Day 1 observations #promatshow

ProMat is the largest material handling trade show in the USA.  It happens every two years, typically in March.  Though it’s sometimes been in January, and I can remember a few times it was held over Valentine’s Day so February has been an option as well.

Why early in the year?  I don’t really know.  I wish it was mid September or early October.  Definitely would be better weather in Chicago during those months.  I have a feeling that Mccormick Place is booked during those months.  MHI, the show organizer is based in North Carolina so I would think they would be motivated towards warm weather.  One can hope.

ProMat 2015 was held from Monday, March 23 until Thursday, March 26.  Intella’s booth was 4207, towards the front.  Below is a picture of our booth on Sunday night.    Plastic on floor covers carpet until opening morning.  Thanks  Alta Equipment for use of Hyster 8,000 pneumatic electric.  Definitely would be thinking about electric pneumatic if I was in the market.

Booth 4207
Booth 4207

Forklift battery chargers from ATIB Italy.  Over the week we received great feedback and a ton of interest.

Getting ready for ProMat | Intella Liftparts | Forklift chargers
Getting ready for ProMat | Intella Liftparts | Forklift chargers

Here’s our booth on Monday morning.  Rock and roll ready to go!

Forklift battery chargers
Forklift battery chargers | Forklift parts from Intella Liftparts

On Monday March 23, Chicago was hit with around 4-5 inches of heavy, wet snow.  Airports saw multiple delays and traffic at the show was quite dead in the morning.  In the afternoon we started hearing stories of attendees who had flights diverted, stuck in traffic and generally had miserable drives to the show.  We arrived Sunday (no snow!) so we just had a short cab ride to McCormick Place.

Cab ride to Mccormick Place
Cab ride to Mccormick Place

Cool logos on steps going into McCormick.  Pity that most people take the escalators and missed this

Opening steps | Forklift parts at Intella
Opening steps | Forklift parts at Intella

In late afternoon the snow was already melting.  It still was a sloppy mess on the road.

ProMat 2015 Snow
Snow at ProMat 2015

More to come on Tuesday!

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

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