How Much Does a New Forklift Cost?

Making a decision on which forklift your company should purchase is not an easy and ephemeral one. There are multiple factors that may contribute to a forklift’s cost. This can include: cost of battery or type of engine — depending on if you want an electric forklift or not.

Typical Cost of a New Forklift

Q: How much does a new LPG forklift cost in 2021?Hyster S50FT

A: A new Hyster S50FT LPG forklift would cost $28,500 in 2021.


electric forkliftQ: How much does a new electric forklift cost in 2021?

A: A new electric forklift costs $37,000 in 2021.


Factors to Consider When Buying a New Forklift

We understand that forklift cost is a key, if not the most important, factor when considering to purchase a forklift. With that being said, there are a number of different characteristics that different forklifts provide that you may need for an optimal forklift experience.

Gas vs Electric

As the world slowly moves from gas vehicles to EVs, the forklift industry is no different. Forklifts are still made as propane-based and are typically cheaper than an electric equivalent.

With that being said, the price of refilling a tank for a propane forklift is much higher than the cost of recharging a battery. In addition, maintenance for a propane forklift is typically higher than that of an electric one.

Brand of Forklift

There are a plethora of forklift manufacturers, all producing quality models. However, each manufacturer offers different manuals and parts numbers, and the quality of this contributes to an important characteristic of ease of getting aftermarket parts. Luckily, here at Intella we offer full customer support and access to parts for every forklift manufacturer.

Operator’s Preference

When purchasing a forklift, it is important to consider the opinion of the operator, as they are the ones that have to ride the machinery for multiple continuous hours.

Have any Questions?

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