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You’ve probably been there before. You find a problem with your forklift, figure out the right solution, buy the necessary parts, and then… have to call in help to do the repairs. With Intella Liftparts, our goal is your independence: we’ve helped you with the parts, now let us help with everything else.

With that said, check out our library of original how-to videos for forklift repairs of all kinds. Our videos focus on the most common problems that forklifts can have, ensuring that assistance for you is as available as possible. Check out the list below for more details.

how-to forklift videos Intella Liftparts
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Intella Liftparts forklift repair tutorials:

•  Problems with your pallet jack? How to replace a pallet jack load wheel and riser assembly right here.

•  Need help rebuilding your Impco VFF-30 fuel lockoff? Got you covered.

•  What about an Impco model J regulator? Yup. Rebuilding that too.

•  Just keep rebuilding with this Aisan forklift fuel regulator rebuild.

•  To prevent forklift breaks, make sure your forklifts are operating safely with this tutorial on how to fix forklift brakes.

•  Keep your operators comfortable by watching how to properly replace a Toyota forklift seat.

•  New propane tank? Here’s how to replace the old one.

•  Have you been smelling propane gas around your forklift lately? Don’t worry: your forklift probably isn’t leaky, and it doesn’t need to be serviced. Its propane tank simply needs new O-rings. Check out how to replace these rings here.

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